Velcro peel away pots come in all shapes and sizes. The newly released VELCRO® Brand Peel Away™ seed ,promotes root health and density, while minimizing transplant shock by making it easy to remove plants from the pots without disturbing the roots. This remarkable new product comes in a variety of sizes, is re-usable, stores flat, and will give you earlier and bigger harvests year after year.


The Velcro pots are made to make it easier to grow and transplant the plants without disturbing the roots. I wish I would have had these a couple moths ago as I planted tomato seeds. They grew to close together and the roots all grew and intertwined together. So I am hoping they will keep growing and maybe even get a tomato off one of the plants. This will help people like me who do not have a green thumb.


They are easy to use and easy to take apart. I think these are a great idea for anyone who is starting a garden from seeds that is going to need to be transplanted in a garden. They are alone say to clean after use, easy to restore in bags they came in and very small to store. For more information click here


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