Vertoe Luggage Storage: A homestay for your bags in Kings Cross


If you are on a trip to London and looking for a luggage storage facility, Vertoe is the solution for you. It allows both travellers and local people to keep their bags and proceed to work without any hassle. 

It is a safe, reliable, and affordable store where you can keep your belongings for a day or even more. Vertoe has made strategic partnerships with many hotels, retail shops, and storehouses; it is certified and has centres across more than 1000 locations. The company has been able to provide the best luggage storage facility to its customers.


Benefits of booking a luggage storage service provider in Kings Cross 

Vertoe has stores almost everywhere in London. And looking for a luggage storage Kings Cross store is vital because it is a central station. There are many tourist attractions close to Kings Cross. This luggage storage service provider helps you have a wonderful time in London.


The modern world has simplified almost everything. It is rightly said that the days are gone when people had to worry about the luggage even when searching for peace of mind, that is, travelling. You need not worry about the security of your luggage when it is safe with Vertoe


The Vertoe luggage storage Kings Cross centres are close to tourist attractions, event venues, and stations that make them more convenient. You can step off the train, keep your bags at the storage centre, and proceed to whatever your work is. It makes your tasks effortless. 


Adding to that, they have made it easier for the customers to avail their services. You can make a booking using the online platform. 

Kings Cross, being a pivotal station in London, witnesses dozens of people moving across here. Many have sown their faith in the Vertoe luggage storage services and entrusted it with their belongings. 


With so much of hustle at the Kings Cross station itself, it is difficult to even walk with the heavy baggage. It can hurt someone else, or there are chances you can lose it. To avoid any mishap, you should book a luggage storage facility that makes travelling more comfortable and saves you from embarrassment. 


Every human being is different. Each vacationer has a diverse need. Some need the facility for one hour, and some may need it for a whole day. Depending on the clients’ requirement, Vertoe lets them avail the storage facility. 

The charges too are very nominal. You will incur any extra costs. By investing in a luggage storage Kings Cross centre, you will save money on booking taxis even for short distances as you do not have to carry the heavy burden of your bags; you can tirelessly walk that distance within no time. 


Also, you can save the extra cost that you would incur. Many venues do not allow luggage inside their place, and so you would have to give extra money to keep your luggage there, or you would have to come back without visiting that place. 

Thus booking a luggage storage facility ensures that you do not miss out on any place you plan to see. 


Some centres are even open 24 hours to facilitate their clients. The stores are flexible enough to make changes as per your requirement. You can even change your location preference after you have made a booking. The cancellation is also free. You get a full refund of the amount you paid in advance at the time of booking confirmation. 


Most significantly, the luggage is under surveillance all the time. It is covered with a tamper, and a reference number is attached to the bags for easy identification. Moreover, it is regularly monitored by a human. That said is enough for someone to trust their luggage with Vertoe.


The prices are transparent. There is no hidden cost that Vertoe charges from its customer. They make sure that the clients get satisfies with the services they offer. Once you avail luggage storage Kings Cross facility, they offer insurance of full amount. That is, in case of any damage to your belongings, Vertoe insures you and covers your total cost.


The payment method is also quick. All modes of payment like debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and others are applicable for payment. It makes it easy for the customer and the store owner to manage expenses without any discrepancies. 


How to store your luggage in Kings Cross?

The luggage drop-off and pick up is as easy as it can be. There is no hassle to find the storage centre; the location can be easily tracked on the maps. You have to make sure that you take out essential documents like passport, id card, and cash to carry with you. Then follow the steps mentioned below.

  • You have to reach your service provider at the location that you have booked.
  •  For identification proof, you must carry a photo Id with you. The details will be tall with your information in the online portal. 
  • Once it is done, the store owner takes in your luggage and safely covers the bags with a tamper. 
  • He/she further assigns a number to your bags and gives you a token of the same number. It is done so that the chances to mix it up with other bags are less. 
  • The luggage is finally safe with Vertoe until you return. 


Vertoe has provided clients with a one-stop solution. The long waiting time between your train or flight and the hotel check out can now be best utilised. You can book a Vertoe centre and use the luggage storage Kings Cross facility to explore the beautiful destinations near you. You can come before your flight or train time because you do not have heavy bags to take care of on your short trip. 


When you plan a vacation, you want everything to be smooth. Any hindrance may spoil the entire trip. With heavy bags, you might also have to cancel on visiting some spots. It further makes the trip boring. So when making the plan, you should also decide where to keep your bags so that you can have a peaceful journey.  


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