The Vintage Daisy Vault

I love vintage items! Looking at old collections makes me reminisce of the beauty of our past through our elders’ eyes. Seeing old furniture and dishes makes me think about how my grandmother was raised. Fine china with hand painted florals, and kitchen knick knacks with quirky personalities. Golden moments around the 1950s and 1960s. The cutest shop representative of these sweet moments is The Vintage Daisy Vault. The owner has a degree in graphic design and loves discovering new ways to recycle every day items.

Antiques Galore

The Vintage Daisy Vault showcases stunning collectibles and unique items from the good old days! It is one of my favorite shops on Etsy as I am one of those who love vintage shopping. Items sold here consist of coffee mugs, salt and pepper shakers, silverware, hollowware, crystals, kitchen and dining, figurines, collectibles, accessories, jewelry, photos, unique items, and wall art. All in pristine condition and very well priced. The Vintage Daisy Vault wants to make sure that the items are displayed in a way the shopper can appreciate them and receive them into their new home. That is, for appreciating and tender loving care.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

I have these whimsical vintage salt and pepper shaker holders from the Vintage Daisy Vault. They are so unique and perfect size for table top use or decor. They are tea pots. One is pink and faces its spout to the right. It has a letter “P” on the top of it indicating its use is for pepper. Engraved on it with lovely old world print says “guests you are welcome be at ease…get up when you’re ready. Go to bed when you please. You don’t have to thank us or laugh at our jokes. Sit deep and come often. You’re one of the folks.”

The other pairing for it is just as whimsical but in blue. It’s partner, the Salt shaker, has a lovely “S” marked on top of it as well. It has a font type of century school book.  It’s spout faces to the left. It has a bold title called “My House”. The lovely inscription on it says “but there is room for love and there is room for friends thats all I care.”

I feel anyone who loves art would appreciate these cute vintage salt and pepper shakers. At the Vintage Daisy Vault you’ll get better quality for your money.

Find out more at The Vintage Daisy Vault | Instagram

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