Winter time is on it's way and with that being said, dry air is happening in our homes. Violife Personal Humidifier helps combat that problem. When I was a child we always kept a kettle of water on the stove to help put moisture back in the air. If you became congested and couldn't breathe you held your head over the steam.

Violife Personal Humidifier Travel Kit, is such a great item that helps keep your air moist, and helps keep your nose more open and breathing a little bit easier. It is portable and you can take it with you, anywhere you have a plug in you can breathe easier.


My mother has issues breathing when she is away from home and my parents LOVE to travel. Violife Personal Humidifier Travel Kit has helped them travel with a little ease of mind. She can hook it up and set it on the bed beside her and she can sleep and breathe easier. It has an ultra-fine vapor mist that helps moisten the air but doesn't soak anything surrounding it. The rotating nozzle makes it super easy to position it to mist over her while she sleeps. 

I really like the fact that you can use different sizes of water bottles, more convenient while traveling.  The adjustable knob lets you deliver 1 ounce per hour adjusting up to 3 ounces per hours.  If you use the highest setting 16 ounce bottle will work for 5 hours and a 20 ounce bottle works for almost 7 hours. The light works as a great night light, another advantage for traveling. It comes with a nylon carrying case, 27 ounce bottle and ac adapter. Everything you need to keep your air cool and moist and your nose clear.

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