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Virtual Reality Educational Experience

Virtual reality is quite the rage these days.  It really is cool I have to say.  Another thing that I have been seeing and hearing a lot about lately is STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  STEM clubs, STEM schools – it is all I hear about lately.  And kids seem to really be into it.

Now imagine a STEM based interactive virtual reality education series.  Utopia 360 comes with a virtual reality headset, augmented reality flashcards, and a designated app full of unique features. It works on your smartphone or your tablet.  You can choose from three bundles; Animal Zoo, Space Exploration, and Dinosaur Experience.  Between Star Wars and the dinosaur movies, you can't go wrong.  And we all love the zoo with all the different animals so these are the three most perfect bundles at this time.


With all the mindless video games and apps out there, it is good that this one is educational and fun, and your child (or you) will not even realize that they are learning because let's face it, they hear educational toy and the interest is lost really quick.  This is an educational toy that doesn't even have the look or feel of one and  learning while you are having fun is the best way to learn, and I find the most efficient.  They do not even know that they are learning something, they just think they are playing with a cool gadget.

Anybody who receives this will love it, and if they learn a thing or two in the process, well that is just an added bonus.  Of course,  it is not just children that will love this.  I am totally blown away by virtual reality and how cool it is.  I know our children will never know what it was like not to be able to find something out in a nanosecond or be able to get in touch with somebody instantly, but we remember and every time something new comes out like this I am just amazed.

Check out Utopia 360 and the bundles offered here and sneak in some educational presents this year!