Real estate is a hot commodity.  You want people to be looking at your project, not someone else's.  I always look at new developments and projects in my area.  You want to be the first in the know because so many are going up nowadays and sometimes you need to get your name on a list besides, but am I just going to do that on blind faith? No, I want to have something to see and not just dimensions because they do nothing for me. Virtual reality is also all the rage these days.  Why not use the newest technology to give your project a leg up on others?

When I am looking, I love browsing through the pictures, and the more pictures the better. How you do have pictures though if things aren't really built yet and just in development? Or maybe they are built and ready to sell but I do not have the time to just look at something because I might be interested or might want to put my name on a list?  I really don't like when you get so many pictures of the outside of the house and not enough of the inside.  It has been my experience that you can never tell from the outside of the house how it is going to be on the inside, sometimes a house looks really small from the outside and it fools you because inside is roomy and nice, and sometimes it looks pristine on the outside and inside a lot of work needs to be done or the rooms are really small.  The only problem I find is that when you take a picture, unless you take so many from all different angles it is hard to get a feel exactly of the room.  You don't want to take a million pictures of one room from every possible angle because people are going to get bored and just move on to something else.  This is especially true when you are talking about a new development or house being built because people cannot


With the surge of virtual reality, you can set up a virtual reality real estate tour and people can actually get a feel for the whole room/house.   You even get a set of virtual reality goggles so no need to worry about getting a pair.  I know in my area alone they are developing new homes, condos, townhouses – there is even an apartment building nearby they are building.  I would much rather look at the plans feeling like I am actually in them rather than just look at some pictures where I cannot get a good feel for what I am looking at because it is just a picture.


If you are an architect or developer, they even have architecture mock ups in 3D that look so real and can be as detailed as possible, even including landscaping, furniture, and textiles if that is what you desire.  It really is a tangible way to actually see the project and how it will look instead of just having some drawing on a piece of paper and having to imagine the result.

If you are a developer or architect, check out the demos and see how they can help you make your project a success.  As a buyer, I definitely look for as much detail and information I can get and having a more thorough look  would really have me give more consideration to the home/apartment/project.

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