Boost vitamin B12 while treating dry skin, wrinkles, itching and other signs of aging.Your suppose to pump two pumps on your inner wrist daily and rub them together until the product is soaked in. The two pumps equals one full daily dose of the vitamin B12! The cream is pink/salmon colored and has a citrus/mint smell.

Vitamin B12 has restorative properties, so it's no surprise that vitamin B12 cream is quickly becoming one of the most popular anti-aging serums for skin renewal and superb moisturizing benefits.

It's great for people suffering from eczema or psoriasis, or just flaky, itchy skin from aging. Vitamin B12 in a cream nourishes the dry skin in a way that steroid moisturizers prescribed for eczema don't Many patients find that red scaly skin patches disappear within days of treatment, without any adverse reactions.Each dose delivers 320 mcgs of vitamin B12, 120 mcgs of vitamin B3 (niacin), plus 10 mcgs of folate in one pump.My brother and sister need a shot every month because they are Vitamin 12 deficiancy and its bad when they can't get it.

Within moments it does not even feel like you applied anything on your wrist yet your wrist is soft and smooth. I also noticed right away the smell of the lotion. It is a very minty and refreshing smell.For anti-aging, supports renewal of healthy skin cells, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, moisturizes. The itch is gone completely and the dry patches are barely visible! It smells great and its very light and absorbs quickly. Love the way my skin feels soft and smooth.

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