Coffee for Beauty

OMG, I feel prettier already. Who would have known that coffee could have so many properties that improve our overall healthy? Especially for us women who need a little boost now and again. I love coffee and I mainly drink it for the flavor and its warmth. It brings me comfort knowing that I can wake up and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee that taste great and would soon bring me energy. But a coffee that is actually infused with collagen? What? Is that even possible? Have you heard of Vitacup? It is a company that invented a beauty infused coffee cup with collagen, biotin, cinnamon, and vitamins.

Blend of Goodness

So the Vitacup is coffee blended for beauty. It is a medium roast cup with no carbohydrates. Definitely a must for women being careful with their carb consumption. It’s so healthy that it includes ten milligrams of Biotin, one-hundred sixty-four mcg of Folate, five-hundred mcg of Manganese, with coffee, collagen, and cinnamon. Their aim is to make sure that a woman feels her inner goddess, because she can receive this superfood and reap the results of exquisiteness.

Hair, Nails, and Skin

The ingredients for Vitacup are meant to nourish the hair, skin, and nails. What woman does not want to have any of these standing up to their best version? My main flaw is my hair and skin. I don’t take any special multivitamins to give me a boost. The only thing I take is to try and eat a balanced diet, but I even fail at that. So with Vitacup, who knew that I could literally receive a dose of beauty in my morning coffee! Collagen is meant for the skin. It is a powerhouse protein needed for the skin to remain elastic. The collagen keeps my skin supple and radiant. The Biotin and folic acid, work on my nails and hair.  Lastly, the Cinnamon is not only a boost of delicious flavor, but works as a natural antioxidant.


The flavor of this gourmet coffee is a sweet medium roast. It smells great, looks great and taste great. The cup is that standard size for Keurig brewing systems. So just load a single serve pod in the machine, and choose the size for eight ounces of water. The beans are Arabica and are from Mexico and Brazil. I could not be more pleased with the rich, high quality of VitaCup coffee. 

Genius Blend

Another great option is the Genius blend. The name says it all, if you are an idea person and need some good fats, then this coffee is for you! This coffee is meant for brain function and helping with energy.

Find out more at VitaCup

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