The kitchen is the heart of every family home. It’s where you social together, prepare delicious meals and entertain family and friends. This vital hub needs to adapt and cater to your family and their everyday needs. So if it’s not currently doing this, it might be time for a renovation makeover. But before you start choosing new tiles and pulling out your kitchen cabinets, there are some vital things you need to consider. Renovations can be expensive, and it’s better to get it right first time than have to renovate again in a few years time. So consider the following and create a more spacious and suitable family kitchen in no time.




Available space


If you’re seriously struggling for space in your kitchen area, why not consider going open plan. This will give your family more space to play, cook and eat and increase your storage and worktop space. Plus it will create an excellent flow between your kitchen and living areas, making it perfect for parties and family time. Always consult with a renovation expert like Jim's Building Maintenance, beforehand. They should be able to give you advice and help you your open plan kitchen to the finest details. Alternatively, instead of open plan, you could consider changing the layout and reposition appliances and cupboards.




If you’re worried about how safe your children and pets are when in the kitchen, now is the ideal time to do something about it. View your current kitchen from the perspective of your child or pet by getting onto your hands and knees. This will highlight potential hazards such as sharp corners, accessible cabinets and slippery floors. Consider how you could alter these during your renovation process. You might choose lockable cupboards and drawers or reposition where you keep your knives and cooking utensils. Rounded edged worktops and slightly textured flooring could also boost the safety of the space. But don’t make your kitchen feel like an adult-only room. Think about how you can encourage your children to enjoy it too. You might install a homework station or include drawers which have child-friendly cooking supplies and food in.




A family kitchen is always going to get messy from time to time. Whether it’s during a baking session or after a large meal, cleaning your kitchen is an absolute must. So rather than choosing tiles and appliances based on how they look, carefully consider how easy they are to clean. The last thing you want is to choose something that requires hours of cleaning and maintenance. Take a look at the Fresh Home guide to choosing tiles which are family friendly. There are plenty of easy to clean tiles, appliances and cupboards that still look stylish. Choose these carefully and spend more time with your family rather than more time cleaning.


After considering your options, you should now feel more confident about your upcoming renovation. Plan carefully and be realistic about the things you and your family need from this space. Don’t scrimp on important details just to save some money here and there. Otherwise, your new and luxurious kitchen may not be as incredible as you had hoped.


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