Vitamin C - Not Just For Breakfast

Vitamin C Isn't Just For Breakfast!  This Skincare Will Change The Way You Look

We've all heard about vitamin's boosting our bodies from nutrients we aren't getting from our food.  I'm even sure you've heard about Vitamin C working great on the skin too.  However, I'll bet you haven't heard about it literally changing your skin and being used on dry skin.  When I tried BeautyStat Universal C Skin Refiner I was a little skeptical, to be honest.  However, I was immediately impressed by how soft it made my face.  I have various acne scars and dry skin from the winter weather in Nebraska, but after a couple of uses, my face changed!  Obviously, I don't mean I looked different, I just mean the texture and dryness changed.  This amazing refiner has little, tiny beads in it that feel so good.  Is your face worth it?

Vitamin C - Not Just For Breakfast

Vitamin C For Your Skin

I should just title this “food” or “nourishment” for your skin, but Vitamin C just sounds better.  We all need nutrients for our insides, but we also need to pay attention to our largest organ, our skin!  Even though we don't actually feed it food, we do feed it certain nutrients.  I mean we are talking about a vitamin!  That is if you're using the correct skincare.  Otherwise, what are you feeding your skin?  This Vitamin C Refiner literally delivers a full dose of pure vitamin C to even the appearance of skin tone, reduce the look of fine lines, and reveal glowing, healthy skin.  These words are straight from their website, I promise it's true!

Vitamin C - Not Just For Breakfast

The Active Ingredients

Obviously, the first active ingredient is Pure Vitamin C.  What this does is gives you a flawless complexion and I know every woman wants that.  The next one is L-Ascorbic Acid which is a powerful antioxidant that rejuvenates the skin.  Last but not least is EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate), which is a mouthful to say!  What this amazing ingredient does is reduces inflammation, takes away redness, helps age spots, and repair damaged skin.  What more could you ask for?

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