Virtual Reality Goggles

Can we say how cool these virtual reality goggles are? If you’ve never experienced one, I want to tell you all about it. I was rather impressed and excited by finally getting a chance to try some on. They really take your environment and make you feel like you are experiencing everything first hand versus just a simulation on a screen. Imagine movement and 360 degree vision in a world that is away from you but you are standing within its boundaries. The company Merge has these awesome Virtual Reality goggles, that allow you to use your own smartphones.

Experience with Phone

The virtual reality goggles are designed to work with any iPhone that is a 6 or newer, or Galaxy phones S5 and newer, because the size of the phone must fit into the insert of the goggles. You must go to the website of to download apps with videos and games that will work with the VR goggles.  We downloaded one where we were in a castle and there were zombies out to get us. It was a whole new experience and my body was actually getting chills.

The lens can be adjusted so your viewing with clarity and not blurriness. There are straps on the goggles that are can be adjusted tighter or looser around your head. Also, I would not recommend standing up and moving around while wearing these goggles as you can bump into something and fall down, getting hurt. It is best to sit in an office chair of some type that swivels. Then to remove your phone, just push up from the bottom of the goggles.

Merge Cube

Another exciting thing from the Merge is the merge cube! Like with the VR goggles, the merge cube also must have some apps download to your phone for it to work. What the merge cube is, is an object that allows for holographs to be held in your hand.

We downloaded an app that had fun little puzzles pop up on the merge cube. We had to pop the puzzles over the cube and get points. It didn’t matter that we were holding the cube in our hands and turning it around and around, that only made it better, because the entire cube was participating in the game. The apps for the cube can be found by going on

Both these VR devices are fun, exciting, and a great way to relax at the end of the day. Imagine being on a roller coaster without paying the outrageous amusement park fees or being in a long two hour line! These toys are for ages ten and up. They hold the Smart Media Award, and the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award. They are definitely engaging. They are not just for entertainment but learning and exploring as well.

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