I have the hardest time sleeping at night.  My mind just goes crazy when I close my eyes to rest.  Waking up refreshed was not in the cards for me. I do not really want to take sleeping pills so I even tried melatonin but that just didn’t seem to work and made me feel groggy in the morning.  Slowly I implemented some changes that have helped me to wake up refreshed, and I want to share these with you.  

Now these are my own things, some things I have heard about doing, some I have read about, and I am not a doctor or sleep specialist but just sharing what has helped me get a better night’s sleep and wake up refreshed – I still have bad nights and bad mornings, it’s not a miracle cure, but maybe some of these can help you too!

My first suggestion would be to cut out caffeine at night.  Let’s say after supper no more caffeine.  This is something that happened quite by accident actually, but it was an aha moment.  I quit drinking soda because I was drinking way too much, at least 2 cans a day and maybe more, and usually afternoon and evening, even bringing it into my room and putting it on my nightstand because I hate water.  Well, all that sugar is no good so I quit it.  Now get this – I actually stopped waking up in the middle of the night to pee once I did.  I had heard that caffeine is a bladder irritant but I had no idea what that meant.  I only assume that this is it.  Now I drink my lemon/lime infused water instead (if you hate water like me, try it, it’s good and that is just a bonus suggestion) and when I fall asleep at night I find that I am actually sleeping for longer than 2 hours at a time! Before I would wake up no exaggeration every 2 hours and I would pee while I was up.  I didn’t think I was waking up to pee, just thought I was because I had woken up so why not, but now I think the caffeine had a hand in it.  I did not give up caffeine totally.  I still have coffee in the morning and if I am really wanting something carbonated and need a soda fix I will drink a diet one once in a while but just in the afternoon.  

My other big no-no was that I slept with the TV on.  I swear I couldn’t fall asleep without it on. Then, I would wake up in the middle of the night, nothing good on TV, and instead of just trying to fall back asleep I would grab my device and start playing something or checking websites and boom, now I am up for another hour or so and when I want to go back to sleep I need to wind down again.  Now I go to sleep with the TV off, and if I do wake up for some reason, I do not grab my device or my phone to check my email or see if I got texts.  I lay there and try to fall back asleep.  Grabbing for the phone the minute my eyes opened was not a good idea and just delayed me getting back to sleep.

Lastly, when you do wake up in the morning and get ready to start your day, hopefully you will feel refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes your way, but to keep the momentum going or even if you haven’t had the greatest night (they can’t all be great, unfortunately you are bound to have some nights that are just not the best) some type of exercise is wonderful to do.  A nice run or a brisk walk if you are not into running, some kind of workout regimen, or even yoga can clear your mind, calm you (believe it or not), and give you energy for the day.  When you do your routine, you want to be comfortable.  Fabletics is a company that has the cutest outfits for workouts, yoga, running – any routine you do! They have features like sweat control and chafe resistance and also reflective paneling which is great if you are outside running, especially in the morning when it can still be a little dusky.  These outfits are so comfortable and will totally get you in the zone to do your routine! The designs are awesome and you will find having the right outfit to make you feel comfortable when doing your routine like Fabletics makes your routine even easier to do and more enjoyable! If you are in something uncomfortable, you will not be too thrilled with doing a routine or sticking to it! You can even take a quiz that asks your preferences with type of routine and where you do it and color preferences and they will recommend things based on your preferences so you do not need to scour through the whole website  looking (though you might want to when you see some of these outfits!).  

So wake up refreshed and stay refreshed, hopefully some of these ideas will work for you!

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