So many things are obsolete now, or at least very rare that anyone actually uses them.  I never use my alarm clock anymore, I have my phone for that.  I also never use a CD player or radio (except in the car of course) because I can get music channels on my TV or through my phone.  VCRs? Sorry, got my DVR now.  Even movie rental stores – I can rent movies straight through my TV or stream so I never need to leave the house for a movie and then have to return it.  One thing that will never be obsolete are wooden wall clocks.

The one thing that I will always do, no matter what, is look to a wall for the time.  It doesn't matter that my phone has the time, the cable box has the time, the microwave has the time, even the oven has the time.  I always look to the wall, it is a habit I cannot seem to break.  And why would I? Nothing is easier than glancing up at the wall and being able to tell time.  I did it at school when I went waiting for 3:00 to finally come, and I did it at work waiting for 5:00 to come.  Even with my computer right in front of me with the time in the right hand lower corner, my eyes still always darted up to check the time.  Even as I stopped looking at my wrist for the time (sorry watches but I no longer needed you) I still could not ever stop looking at the wall. You can check for latest designs of wall clocks.


Now anyone can purchase a wall clock in a large modern range so it is easy to find one that will fit  in beautifully in whatever room's wall you want it on. Honestly, I have one in nearly every room.  It is much easier glancing at the wall than turning my phone over, waking it up, or even trying to read the numbers on a cable box if it is too far away. Taking the time to look at my phone is time that is wasted and why waste even a few seconds when looking up just takes a fraction of the time and really does not interrupt anything you were doing so you are not distracted. Plus once you touch your phone you know that you are going to be checking other things and not just the time since the phone is in your hand anyway, let's face it The rolex vægur wall clocks are also so easy to read, no squinting required, and can really be seen very well from anywhere.


The only thing that a wall clock cannot do is adjust itself if you have daylight savings time (although I am sure there are even smart clocks that will  do that, but mine do not).  That is okay because while everything else adjusts itself for those times, me having to manually change the wall clocks is a great reminder to change my batteries in my smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  If I did not have to do anything I doubt I would remember to do that, which is very important!


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