Trying to lead a healthy lifestyle is becoming more difficult with each passing day, considering the many stresses and temptations out there. Between jobs requiring you to sit for 8 hours straight, delicious junk food, and technology, it definitely isn’t easy being healthy. If there is one thing that you need to work on the most, though, it is your sleeping patterns. It could improve all aspects of your life, including muscle recovery, stress levels, and even weight. This is obviously easier said than done, but with some guidance, you can do it. For example, there are now more products out there than ever before that assist you in having a successful sleep schedule. Nature's Happiness is just one example of a supplement that can boost your overall health and aid you in getting a better night's sleep. 


If you want to sleep better, you can try these habits as advised by experts.

Create a schedule 

The most important, and probably difficult, habit you need to practice is setting a sleeping schedule. It might sound easy, but it isn’t. You need to have the same bedtime and waking up the schedule every day, which will help your body get used to a certain amount of rest and will regulate its clock. This will take some getting used to on your end, but once you master, you will find falling asleep a lot easier and you will wake up better rested. 

Get more sun exposure 

There is a reason why humans are made to sleep and rest at night and work in the mornings. Our body has an internal clock or system called the circadian rhythm, which is basically the process that regulates your sleeping/waking upcycle every day. Without getting too technical, this process is affected by sunlight or bright light in general, which keeps it healthy and balanced. This is important because the circadian rhythm affects your hormones and brain, which means this exposure to light will also affect them and keep them healthy. So, try to always get some sun or bright light exposure during the day, and it will significantly improve your sleep cycle. 

Temperature regulation 

You might not know it, but your body needs a certain temperature for you to easily fall asleep. This is why you struggle with sleeping in summers and find it much easier in winter. It is important to find that right balance because maintaining the right temperature will help you maintain a healthy sleep cycle. While you cannot control the room temperature without turning on an air conditioner, there are products out there like BedJet, which basically pulls the coolest air in the room into your bed, making it cooler for you and helping you sleep. You should definitely read some reviews about the product before getting it, but if you are one of the people who suffer from not being able to sleep because of the warm bed, then this might just be for you. 

Work out 


Believe it or not, working out is a very good habit to practice if you want better sleep. When you exert physical effort, the quality of your sleep exponentially improves. Your body gets into a deep sleep a lot easier, so it could restore your strength and regenerate your muscles, so you will be sleeping uninterrupted and for longer hours. So, try to get as much exercise as possible on a daily basis. 

Don’t use your phone right before sleeping

Well, this one is a lot easier said than done, because who doesn’t like to check Facebook or Instagram before tucking away? Unfortunately, blue light isn’t good for you at night, and it has bad effects on your circadian rhythm, as it makes your brain think it is still morning so it needs to be active. This is why experts advise turning off TVs and not using smartphones 2 hours before you sleep. If you want a source of entertainment, then perhaps reading would be better suited. It can help you fall asleep without exposing you to direct blue light. 

Work on your eating habits

This will prove to be another challenging lifestyle change, but you need to do it nonetheless. You should avoid consuming cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, and heavy meals at night. The first three can easily disrupt your sleep because they interfere with your bodily functions, affecting hormones and sleep regulation. Heavy meals, on the other hand, cannot be easily digested in the evening, which makes it significantly harder for you to sleep. 


There are tons of other things that you should do to sleep better. For instance, try meditating to calm your mind and relax. You could also avoid napping in the afternoon. The important thing with these habits is consistency. Sleeping is something you do every day, so if you want to improve its quality, you need to practice these habits consistently. 

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