Want To Redesign Your Garden? Consider These Essentials First

More and more people are taking an interest in gardening as an activity. As so many of us enjoy entertaining in our backyard, it’s not hard to understand why. And a well-manicured garden space can also add value to your property. A fully practical and attractive space is highly desirable all year round. This is why so many of us are keen to maximize the space we have with a great garden design.


But before you begin landscaping, it’s important to consider exactly what is under your garden. Electric, gas and water services often run beneath the garden to connect you to the mains. It’s very important not to disrupt them if you are digging. Before you hire a digger or a landscaper, have a check on the plans for your property. Many are detailed enough to identify where drainage services are laid.


If you have a water tank, you might consider repositioning it to make more space. You can check for a range of designs if you wish to situate it under the decking. As most gardens now use a raised decking area for outside dining, this can be a better option. It’s out of sight, but still easily accessible if you need to maintain it.


Picture by jade


As well as decking, you might have a patio area. These are often made from concrete slabs. Laying down new brickwork or decorating paving may provide a more attractive option. You may still need to use one of the power washers at to keep the clean and fresh looking. Consider how you will link each area together. You might install a new path, use stepping stones, or even decking walkways.


Are you a grower? Growing your own fruit and vegetables is a lovely pastime to take up. It can also provide fresh seasonal produce to eat. You can plant directly into the cultivated soil. Most people like to use raised bedding areas or even a greenhouse to grow their veggies. It’s also a great activity for children to get involved with. It supports their environment or science classes, and might encourage them to eat more vegetables!


Trees can provide beautiful structure and welcome shade in the summertime. However, the roots can grow deep and outward. They may begin reaching your house or other outbuilding foundations. Be sure any trees are planted far away from structures, or keep them contained. Climbers like ivy can also wreak havoc on brickwork. It can cause damage to the mortar and create dampness.


Picture by KSAKSA


When you’re sketching out your garden design, consider colors as well as height. You might want to plant flowers in two or three different colors. Some will grow taller than others. If you’re buying plugs consider the full height of the plant once it is established. Shrubs are great for creating structure and shape in the garden too.


Designing a new garden is a big job. Tackling the landscaping on your own is a huge task and will require some help. Consider hiring a gardener or landscaper. They may also be able to offer some valuable design advice too.