Who doesn't love a big juicy ripe ruby-red grapefruit? Wonderful sweet Scarlett's by Texas Red Grapefruits is a new line of grapefruits that was launched  just last year and they are nationwide so everyone should be able to get their hands on them!  This company is the same company that makes POM Wonderful and Wonderful Halos so they are very well-known and I couldn't wait to try one of their Delicious grapefruits! Grapefruits


When I first got my fruit I couldn't believe how large and healthy they looked!  They were the perfect color and varied from shade of orange to a light ruby on the outside of the skin. I could tell that the skin was thick and these were some of the best looking grapefruits I had seen just by looking at the outside! 



I can remember a baby sitter that I used to stay with would always take grapefruits cut them in half and sprinkle sugar on them. Then she had a certain grapefruit spoon that we would use to scoop out each section.  This is actually the only way that I know to eat one, But being on a new years diet I decided to try one half with sugar and one half without. When I cut it open it was just as expected, a deep ruby-red juicy inside! I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into it, and even the dogs were barking from being able to smell it. I can tell you this is one of those things that will have you saying MmmmmMmmm while you're eating it. I enjoyed the half that had sugar on it, But with all of the natural sweetness and juice I liked the half without the sugar even better! Half of a grapefruit is only 60 calories and gives you 100% of your daily vitamin C. With all of the viruses and colds going around this time of year this is a great and natural way to get your vitamin C. My set also included a nice juicer if you would like to enjoy fresh grapefruit juice it is good for you as well! And I received a nice hemp bag that I am currently using to haul my extra snacks in to work! These should be available at your local grocery store and you can confirm that at http://sweetscarletts.com/

The product(s) shown were received free of charge to facilitate review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. Robert Brown says:

    I absolutely love them. The more tart, the better.

  2. Robert Brown says:

    My grandparents had a grapefruit tree growing up, there isn’t much better than picking a grapefruit and having breakfast and fresh squeezed juice.

  3. Nicole Sender says:

    I love grapefruit and think it’s the best breakfast fruit!

  4. Robert Brown says:

    I absolutely love grapefruit.

  5. grapefruits are so good

  6. Paol Trenny says:

    I love grapefruits especially Texas Rio.

  7. grapefruits are so delicious

  8. I like grapefruit juice

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