Wardrobe Makeover Tips For Spring



As the Spring season kicks in, it's time to consider a complete wardrobe makeover. Revamping your wardrobe has numerous benefits. It enhances the interior design of your bedroom space and helps organise your belongings. Here are a few tips on how to get the makeover done.



Wardrobe spaces are known to hold many useless items. These include clothing items you haven't worn in years, pieces that no longer fit and items that are out of fashion. Nonetheless, hoarding tendencies keep the wardrobe space cluttered.


Decluttering will completely revamp your closet. All you need to do is remove the useless items. Donate old clothes to charity or hand down unfitting clothes to siblings and relatives.


If you haven't worn a clothing item for over a year, it's probably time to give it away. This will create room for new clothes and keep your closet up-to-date with the fashion trends.


Remember, if you don't need it, don't keep it.


Separate by seasons

If you are looking for a simple way to organise your wardrobe, separation by season works well for almost all spaces.


You can capitalise on the different compartments in your wardrobe to separate your winter, summer and spring outfits. As a result, locating clothing items and shoes become an easy task. Moreover, clothes that are unlikely to be worn can be moved away from the working space (the area that holds clothes used frequently).


Since an organised space generally looks good, the separation creates a unique visual appeal. Moreover, it offers the illusion of a decluttered space.


Revamp the wardrobe itself

Before getting carried away with taking out clothes and organising storage spaces, it's essential to refurbish the wardrobe.


You can repaint the unit to match or contrast your bedroom interior design. Furthermore, If anything is damaged, fix it. Assess the drawers and all the hinges and replace worn out parts. Clean out the door rails on your sliding door wardrobe to optimise performance.


Moreover, you can redesign the wardrobe and fit new compartments to meet your preference. It's an inexpensive undertaking and an excellent DIY project for the spring.


Now that your wardrobe looks good, you can add decorative items to enhance the visual appeal. For example, you can set a vase in one of the empty compartments or add scented blocks. Wallpapers and light fixtures are also great options.



Accessories are great for styling closets. For simple and practical solutions, consider hangers and shelf dividers.


Other accessories include storage baskets and hooks. It's vital to ensure all accessories enhance the overall aesthetics of the closet. A safe approach is to match the accessories with the colour scheme on your wardrobe.


Add labels

Once your wardrobe is organised, you can get down to labelling. This is important for items stored away in containers and baskets. Labelling helps identify storage spaces and keeps items contained. You are unlikely to lose pieces with this system.


Add drawers

Not all wardrobes come with enough drawers. If this is the case, you can easily fit some to provide extra storage space and organise your belongings. If you are not comfortable installing the drawers as a DIY project, contact a local carpenter for the job. Extra drawers make organisation and labelling simple.


Add a mirror

Mirrors belong on wardrobes. Since you fit clothes next to the closet, it's convenient for the wardrobe to have a mirror. Moreover, the wardrobe doors provide enough room to install a full-sized mirror without taking up more space in the bedroom. Installing a mirror on the front face of the door panels will make the room look bigger and enhance lighting by reflecting the spring sunlight.


Make sure your wardrobe looks fresh this spring: a new season, a new loo

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