Warning Signs That Your House Foundation Needs to Be Repaired



Your home is perhaps the most important investment you will make in your life. As time goes by, it is normal to make a few repairs and renovations to combat the regular wear and tear. While they may cost you a small fortune, these repairs are worth every dime. Sometimes, issues can be deeper than you think, causing serious damage to your house’s structure. 


This article will explore the warning signs that require you to take action as soon as you spot them.

The Common Causes of Foundation Damage

Foundation damage can have several underlying causes. So, it is wise to know where the problem arises. For instance, climate change and soil issues can lead to various hurdles for home foundations. When it is extremely hot, the water in the soil evaporates, leaving foundations cracked and uneven. In cold weather, the soil expands, putting more pressure on the house’s foundation. If you have trees surrounding your house, their large roots can cause cracks underneath. Moreover, the lack of an effective drainage system can lead to moisture buildup, which slabs foundations. The dampness can weaken the concrete if it is left without an immediate solution.

What You Should Look Out for

As explained, there are several causes that lead to a weakened house foundation, here are some important signs that you should notice:

Exterior and Interior Cracks

If you find gaps in the exterior of your house or its foundation, then this indicates a grave issue that must be checked right away. Broken chimneys, fractured walls, and cracked floors can denote trouble. According to the Northern Virginia repair experts at https://luxcando.com/, it is normal to spot a few cracks, especially if you live in an old building. However, some fractures are more serious than others. When you find big gaps forming due to smaller cracks, you need to get a professional inspection done right away. 

Foundation Upheaval

In case your foundation is exhibiting an upward movement or protrusion, this indicates an upheaval issue. Normally, this affects the concrete slab foundation, so you would not see it clearly. However, when it aggravates, it can be apparent in doorways, hallways, and other parts of the house. Several issues can cause foundation upheaval, on top of which is the plumbing. The dampness resulting from leaks and heaves of under-slab plumbing can accumulate there. The heaviness of the soil under the foundation slab can push it up, resulting in an upheaval.

Gaps around Windows and Doors

Spaces around window frames and gaps in exterior doors can be bad news to homeowners. Doors may not even latch or properly align together. Additionally, windows and doors become crooked and do not operate appropriately. This calls for a home inspection, as it is an indication of foundation issues.

Sagging or Uneven Floors


Moisture is the enemy here. Dripping walls, sagging floors, and dripping areas at home spell many troubles. When foundation problems manifest, they result in squeaky and sagging floors. As concrete gets badly impacted, floors also become out of level. This can highly endanger people living in the house.


Home repairs can certainly be pricey, but when your home’s safety is on the line, it becomes a much-needed investment. Foundation issues are serious and can lead to irreparable damage if left unchecked. This is why it is important to keep an eye out for any signs or indications that something is amiss.