“Watch” Dad's Reaction When You Gift Him A Beautiful, Trendy, Yet Functional Piece Of Wrist Candy!

On Father's Day, we celebrate the person who fits the “Dad” role.  Unfortunately, sometimes he gets the short end of the stick by receiving gifts such as ties, mugs, and other items that don't really say “we love you”.  Don't get me wrong, these things can be nice gifts, but since Dad works so hard to fulfill that difficult role, he deserves something amazing!  Trendhim Accessories sent a gorgeous watch that any man would treasure.  This isn't your everyday wrist candy because the materials used to create such a masterpiece are of absolute quality.

Trendhim Accessories sent their Darnell Bellator Chronograph Watch.  When I tell you this is an attention grabber, I'm not lying!  The beauty and style of this specific piece are beyond words.  The band is shiny silver, making the dark blue clock face stand out.  There are 4 choices of various colors and designs if you don't like silver and blue.  As a matter of fact, if you're in the market for any kind of wrist candy look no further.  Their website has everything you need!

“Watch” Him Love The Extras

Every guy I know loves the extras when it comes to their new toys.  This gorgeous watch has 3 sub-dials and a date window which we all know comes in handy.  A tachymeter will actually tell you how fast you've traveled on your route.  I wonder if it can also “beam me up, Scotty”?  No, I checked (haha).  The sub-dials are easy to set with the side buttons on the watch.  This hardy piece of beauty is made from surgical-grade stainless steel and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal clock face.  There is also an anti-glare coating making it easy to see from any angle, especially outside in the sunlight.  I almost forgot that it's also water-resistant!

The strap wears comfortably and doesn't slide around.  I love that it encloses with a deployant clasp, which makes it so easy to use.  I actually gave this as a gift to my son and he is in love with it.  Unfortunately, he's very thin so we had to take out a couple of the links (we looked it up on the web).  Thankfully, once we did this it fits perfectly.  He looks so distinguished and feels important and confident.  It's amazing what one piece of jewelry can do for a person's self-confidence.

Personalize Your Gift

If you decide to order a special gift from Trendhim Accessories you have so many choices.  Not only that but each piece can be personalized by certain items such as a personal image in the background of the clock face.  There's also personal engraving, wrapping, a gift tag (even though a gift box is included),  and a travel case.  That's not all but I don't want to spoil it for you!  Go and check out their website and you'll see how amazing they are.

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