Pretty much most of the year here in the South, we have birds of all types fluttering around looking for food. One of my favorite birds that seem to be hard to spot are hummingbirds! I have used three different types of hummingbird feeder‘s but to no avail, they don’t seem to come around.

That is until now! This trio of beautiful blue hand-blown glass definitely lures the hummingbirds to our yard. Ever since we set it out in the front yard with sugar water mixture, they have been coming pretty much nonstop. Each of the red blossoms has a perch so that if they get tired they can rest.

This also encourages them to stay longer so you can enjoy looking at them or even take photos like I did. The metal frame is very durable and is weather resistant. Each of the glass flowers are removable so that it can be cleaned easily.

The design on each bottle are hand-painted by Mexican artisans. They make a lovely addition to your yard that you may end up wanting more than one. If you’re not going to buy this for yourself, it would also make a wonderful gift.


When it comes to hummingbird feeders, this one will attract the birds and watch them keep coming back. A beautiful center piece of any yard, and I do love to watch the birds come and go as I sit by the window.

You're not the only one drawn to Mexico's beautiful pottery and glass art. Hummingbirds are sure to be lured by this artisan-crafted feeder, which holds a trio of handblown recycled-glass bottles topped by red flowers. Each of the eye-catching blossoms has a perch, so your feathered visitors can rest while feeding, and the bouquet-style arrangement comfortably accommodates three hummingbirds at a time. The metal frame is weather-resistant, and the glass flowers are easily removed for cleaning. Hand painted by artisans in Mexico.

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