Labels That You Can Use Over And Over Again

Waterproof Labels For Organizing

As a Mom, there is nothing I love more than organization!  Well, there are things I love more, but you get the idea.  It feels so good to take a bunch of clutter and organize it into something tidy.  As a matter of fact, living in a cluttered space is so stressful and gives you anxiety!  Cleaning it does just the opposite.  Using labels works great to get things straightened and put away, but you have to buy them over and over.  Well, not with Versachalk Chalkboard Waterproof Removeable/Reusable Sticker Labels.  These cool vintage labels work great for giving everything their own space!  I had so much fun writing and wiping the marker on/off again.

Labels That You Can Use Over And Over Again

Versachalk labels come in packages of 42 separate labels.  There are 7 different vintage shapes, along with a free chalkboard marker! Believe it or not, they're waterproof, which means that they stay on until you're ready to reuse them.  The marker wipes away easily and you're ready to organize another mess!  If labels aren't your “thing” that's ok because Versachalk has many other products to choose from.

More Versachalk Products

I was so impressed by all of the products that Versachalk has to offer, such as All Purpose Magic Erasers, Black Chalk Markers, Chalkboard Cleaning Kits, Actual Chalkboard Sets (business and regular), Chalkboard Sheets, Chalkboard Mason Jar Canning Kit, and so much more!  As you can see, there is something for everyone.

Labels That You Can Use Over And Over Again

Creative Ways To Use Labels

There are some creative ways to use labels.  A couple of ideas are for your canisters (flour, sugar, etc.) and for kids' toys, daycare items, and even a small sign on their bedroom door!  Kids love to put their names on everything!  As a matter of fact, get them in on the fun too.

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Labels That You Can Use Over And Over Again

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