Families can raise hell on a bathroom and for that poor old room, it can certainly take a toll. The larger the family, the bigger the beating the bathroom is going to take. That's just how it is.


So, when you're looking to improve your bathroom, you need to keep your tiny (or big) terrors in mind and make sure they have the facilities on offer to suit them, and ensure they don't leave a trail of mess behind them!


If you are renovating the bathroom, make sure it's substance over style. Still, a peppering of style isn't going to harm anyone! If you've got the budget, go for it!


Firstly, look at the bathing facilities. Every bathroom should boast a bath/shower combination for efficiency. Baths are good, but it needs to be shared between a number of people, it can certainly rack up the hours and waste a lot of water. Ensure that your bathroom has the facility for a shower so you can speed up washing the family.


Of course, families make mess. Establish plenty of fair bathroom rules to ensure everyone is cleaning up after themselves when they use the bathroom. Involving the kids with light cleaning of the bathroom can also teach them a number of skills that will be helpful. Of course, use caution when cleaning products are involved. Establishing rules is going to keep your bathroom clean and tidy, hopefully.


You need to make sure you’ve got plenty of storage options of offer and a bit of DIY knowledge will help here. Look for open space to install shelves like above the door and toilet. The smaller the bathroom, the more creative you’ll need to be with your storage options.



Towels are a big pain in the bathroom, especially discarded soaking wet ones. Installing racks, hooks or radiators can ensure that there a storage place for used towels that isn’t the floor or the edge of the shower. Racks can also be placed on the back of the door if you need space.


Dirty laundry usually ends up in the bathroom if you do not have a dedicated room for laundry storage. Make sure you have a large basket that can be used for the storage of dirty laundry until its time comes to be washed. A organizer could be a better option for separating light clothes from dirty dark clothes. Of course, the rules come into play here so make sure everyone is putting their old clothes into the right laundry basket unless there is a single storage unit.


There are plenty of options on offer for bathroom furniture. Employ nightstands and end tables from Bathroom Furniture Online by the bath so everyone can keep their valuables away from splishes and splashes. Install cabinets where you have space, to ensure that toiletries can be stored safely and away.
Ensuring that the options for cleaning up and storage are on offer, you’ll have a less of a problem. Build your bathroom around your family and you might enjoy a cleaner washroom!

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