Ways of Making Your Aging Dog Comfortable

Ways of Making Your Aging Dog Comfortable

All dogs eventually age and require support through their everyday activities or while getting comfortable. Puppies become family members, and it’s hard to watch them get older. The following are helpful ways to make your aging dog comfortable and keep their happiness and health a priority.

Keep Them Active

In the same way that humans need to stay active as they age, it’s also necessary for your dog. They may move at a slower pace, but it’s essential for their mind and body.

Try taking them on gentle, low-impact walks around the block a couple of days a week. These walks are perfect for a dog with joint issues. Swimming is another excellent option when it comes to exercise for your senior dog.

Be sure to watch your dog closely while they’re engaged in physical activity. Older dogs are prone to injury, so it’s something to keep your eye on.

Socialize With Younger and Older Dogs

Dogs are pack animals, no matter their age. Set up playdates with other dogs or head to the closest dog park so your senior pup can have fun socializing. Our fur babies enjoy a fun day out with friends as much as we do.

Enrolling your dog in doggy daycare is a great way to engage your dog socially with supervision. You can be worry-free while they are having a fun day out of the house and staying young at heart.

Routine Annual Vet Visits

Vet visits can fall to the wayside when life gets busy. We’ve all been there. Senior dogs should stay up to date because their health matters more as they age.

Keeping up with wellness checks and vaccinations is essential for senior dogs. Keep a close eye on their behavior and be aware of any changes you come across. If you notice any changes in their eating habits, weight gain, weight loss, or behavior, it’s critical to call your veterinarian straight away.


Dogs need a little extra help in the grooming department as they get older. Their skin can get dry. You should also trim their nails and brush their fur more often. Check for lumps and bumps as you’re grooming as a preventative measure for catching issues before they become serious.

Give Them Extra Love

This task is arguably the easiest of all to do. Upgrade your pup’s bed to a comfortable, quality orthopedic dog bed to help support their joints and hips. These beds are a great way of making your aging dog comfortable.

Do you have hardwood floors? Add rugs to provide your dog traction and prevent them from slipping and getting an injury. Something as simple as a quiet place to decompress is helpful for a senior dog.

Do you notice your dog having trouble going up stairs or getting into a vehicle? As dogs age, these tasks that were once easy become more challenging. Think about purchasing a ramp so they can maintain their independence.

After the loyalty they provide for us, it’s only fair we give it right back to them. Providing our senior dogs with extra love and care as they get older makes a difference in their longevity.

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