Ways the Pandemic Has Changed Honeymoons

Health and safety concerns due to the Coronavirus pandemic have forever changed the hospitality industry. Even after the pandemic is over, some things will forever remain changed. Some of these things may have a significant impact on the honeymoons of the future.


Newlyweds in 2020 have had to navigate an unprecedented and chaotic travel environment with ever-changing restrictions and evolving challenges. From trips overseas to vacations in Grenada, most couples have had to deal with changes, postponements, and cancellations. 


Even as the end of the pandemic is in sight, honeymoons have been forever changed. Although 2021 looks to be a more promising year for honeymoons, there are still some things that couples should be aware of going forward. Let's take a look at some of the ways the pandemic has changed honeymoons.

3 Major Changes Pandemic Couples Are Making to Their Honeymoon Plans

The wedding industry was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. The restrictions to travel as well as the guest limitations put in place in many locations, made it so that weddings and receptions were all but impossible to have in 2020. To cope, many couples canceled and postponed plans or settled for much smaller gatherings than originally planned.


As far as honeymoons are concerned, several couples chose to do things a little differently. Some are also planning to try again in 2021. That said, here are four major changes pandemic couples are making to their honeymoon plans.

1. Cruise Ships Are Out

Before the pandemic, going on a cruise was an attractive option for many couples. It was an excellent way to travel internationally while enjoying some top-notch amenities. However, after the cruise industry mishandled the virus early on, cruise ships are out for the foreseeable future.


For most of 2020, cruise ships have been suspended. Given how the cruise industry played a role in spreading the virus earlier in the year, it's no wonder so many couples are choosing other options.

2. Outdoor Destinations Are Growing in Popularity

Many outdoor activities are naturally safe and already include plenty of social distancing. Given this fact, many couples are choosing these kinds of activities. For this reason, outdoor destinations are growing in popularity, particularly those that offer high-end amenities combined with an outdoor environment, such as Glamping.

3. More Couples Are Choosing Domestic Trips Over International Travel

International travel has been dicey from the start of the pandemic and continues to be that way going into the new year. Because of that, a lot of couples have opted for domestic trips a little closer to home. In some cases, couples can travel by car, thereby avoiding the risks associated with flying.


Some couples are also taking what they call “first moon” trips. That is a shorter vacation as a couple to a nearby resort where they can still bond as a couple without the dangers and headaches of international travel. In many cases, the plan is to go on a larger honeymoon in the future after the pandemic is over.

How the Hospitality Industry Has Changed Due to the Pandemic

No matter where you go for your honeymoon, the pandemic has greatly affected the hospitality industry in a number of ways. Overall, expect thorough cleaning procedures and less direct interaction with staff.

Resorts and Hotels

Hotels and resorts from all over the world have put in place new sanitation procedures. Many have begun cleaning high traffic areas on an hourly basis, which includes wiping and sanitizing high-touch surfaces and frequently replacing HVAC filters.


Many businesses have begun to roll out new training programs for all staff. In many cases, these programs are conducted virtually to avoid direct contact with other employees. 


Hotels and resorts are also doing what they can to limit staff interactions. As such, you can expect more virtual check-in systems and more housekeeping options that limit direct exposure. 

Airline Travel

The airline industry is also making significant changes. Part of these changes involves strict cleaning and sanitizing procedures. In other words, expect to see lots of wiping and spraying of high-touch surfaces. Many airlines are using electrostatic disinfectant and anti-microbial spray as part of these new procedures.


Several airlines have also drastically changed their boarding procedures to limit the number of people being brought onto the plane at a time. Some airlines are even blocking the middle seats on planes to help with social distancing. 


A few airlines have even canceled food and beverage services. However, most continue to offer this service, but you should expect to see single-serve bottles and cans only.

Some Couples Are Waiting Out the Pandemic

The honeymoon is supposed to be an escape for couples and a chance to bond. If you’ve spent 2020 concerned about the pandemic and stressed out, don't be afraid to wait until 2021 to plan vacations in Grenada.

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