Ways To Add Sparkle To DIY Projects

Ways To Add Sparkle To DIY Projects

Over the generations, crafters have debated big questions, such as whether glue guns should require a license and if the use of empty toilet paper rolls should be officially discouraged. There is one thing that everyone can agree on, though: When in doubt, add glitter. You can get the effect with various materials, and there’s no limit to its applications. Here are just a few ways to add sparkle to DIY projects.


This old-school trim has been relegated to ballet recitals for too long. You can find it in any fabric store, and man has not yet discovered its full potential. You can try attaching it to hair bows, bags, pillows, and bracelets, or you can separate the sequins and glue them onto anything that needs sprucing up, like a candle. Adding sequins turns any accessory into a party. And making some diamond dotz frames, could be a great gift for someone.

Edible Glitter

Those two words are game changers. You can get kids involved in any cooking project by adding edible glitter to the mix. Glitter makes any food more appealing, and it can be safe to use on skin or with any project that might get accidentally ingested. You can mix it with corn syrup or non-toxic glue for infinite uses.

Shimmer Pigment

With more DIYers making their own beauty products, they’re discovering new materials to add oomph. Cosmetic ingredients can add a sophisticated shimmer to items that are unsuitable for glitter. For just a few dollars, you can try a lip pigment in gold or bright purple for a holographic effect in eye shadow, lotions, creams, mineral makeup, and lip gloss. Shimmer pigment is a multipurpose material that can make any project pop!


There’s no spotlight on this old staple anymore, but it’s a classic for a reason: It’s already in your kitchen, it’s moldable, and it doesn’t make a mess. You can crunch it up to play with texture, use it in wall art, make flowers with it, cover anything, and—as always—tinfoil makes the best hats for scaring off mind readers.

Glitter Nail Polish

Frankly, it can be a nightmare to get glitter nail polish off your nails, so if you’ve been hanging onto old bottles of it in case Mardi Gras arrives early this year, repurpose it in your crafts. Paint barrettes and bobby pins with a coat for added sparkle and protection from scratches. Try it on pens, glassware, keyrings, and anything that makes you want to yawn.

Adhesive Gems

With so many sizes, colors, shapes, and adhesion levels, there’s no need for a BeDazzler or messy glue anymore. They’re in all the craft stores, and you can decorate shoes, phone cases, sunglasses, ornaments, frames, jars, flip-flops—if you can see it, you can bling it up. Take advantage of the different sizes available and play with texture and sparkle effects.

Inspired yet? Keep your eyes open for more ways to add sparkle to DIY projects, and do your part to make the world brighter. After all, there’s no such thing as too much glitter!

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