Put it away temporarily deduct the value of the furniture come tax time.

It's a scenario that happens every day: someone gets a new piece of furniture and decides to literally chuck their former, still quite usable, furniture to the curb. Or a family needs to move and decides to get rid of their personal effects due to being in a time crunch. Not only does simply getting rid of your old furniture result in waste, it may also cost you money in the long run.


Here are some ways to get rid of your furniture without regretting it later.

Donate it

There are tons of groups and people who are looking for worn, but still usable, furniture, including schools, acting troupes in needs of props, thrifty families aiming to live below their means, and shelters for the less fortunate. Thrift shops will often come to pick up your donated furniture, especially those which are non-profits. If you decide to donate any furniture to a charitable organization or church, ask to get a receipt so that you can

If you have even a notion of doubt about getting rid of furniture, consider putting it into storage instead. Rather than leave yourself with doubts or even regrets about disposing of your items, renting space in a storage facility or contracting with a storage service will give you time to think about the best move going forward. Aim to choose a facility that's not only affordable but reputable, especially if you're looking for storage North Brisbane.


Sell your furniture online

These days, people don't only shop in stores for used furniture but online as well. Posting to an online classified ads site, such as Craigslist, can be the ideal way to get rid of your unwanted furniture pieces. It's a win-win situation: you get the furniture out of your home, and someone else gets the items needed for theirs. If you have furniture that is vintage, rare, or of great quality, you can fetch quite a bit of money by selling it online. Be sure to note whether or not you can deliver the furniture and if you're willing to negotiate on the price for the best results.


Give it a facelift


Let's say you like a piece of furniture, but you want to replace it with something in a different color or pattern. If you're crafty or willing to put in some DIY time, re-purpose or refurbish the piece rather than throwing it away. You can easily end up saving money by giving your furniture a facelift — it's a resourceful way to get rid of an old item's look while hanging onto overall sturdy furnishings.


The next time you find yourself with an unneeded couch, table, or chair, think of other possibilities before throwing it out. Donating, storing, re-purposing, or gifting the furniture can be a much better option than tossing it to the sidewalk or landfill.

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