Ways to Incorporate a Color Scheme Throughout Your Wedding

Ways to Incorporate a Color Scheme Throughout Your Wedding

A white wedding is an extremely classy affair, but so much of one color can get to be a bit boring after a while. For this reason, many brides and grooms prefer to infuse a few different pops of color into their wedding. To avoid overwhelming their guests with every color in the rainbow, most couples prefer to construct a specific color scheme for their big day. There are many ways to incorporate this color scheme throughout a wedding, some of which are subtler than others. Depending on the effect and overall theme of your wedding, you may opt to go a bit bolder with your color and decor choices. These three ways to incorporate a color scheme throughout your wedding will help you achieve the perfect pop of color on your special day.

At the Ceremony

The focus should be on the happy couple during the ceremony. As such, it’s best to incorporate color a bit more subtly so as not to pull focus away from the main event. Floral arrangements will be your greatest ally in this regard. Decorating the wedding venue with colored flowers that match the intended color scheme is a subtle way to stay on theme without making too bold a statement. If the bridesmaids have bouquets or the groomsmen have boutonnieres, you can use these to your advantage as well. Larger decorations around the wedding venue can also incorporate into the theme. If the venue features garlands or an aisle runner, consider matching it to one of the colors in the wedding’s color scheme.

In the Bridal Party

Members of the bridal party can get in on the colorful fun as well. Choose bridesmaid dresses that all match with one of the colors in your color scheme. If you don’t want your bridesmaids to look like clones of one another, consider choosing dresses in different hues of the same color. This will add a bit more depth to your color scheme while still matching the rest of your wedding’ decorations. Groomsmen can get in on the fun as well. A colorful vest, tie, or fun socks will spruce up their attire while also keeping them on theme. If you’d like a subtler way to incorporate your color scheme, consider selecting colorful shoes and accessories for your bridesmaids, rather than going all out with color-matched dresses.

On the Dance Floor

Keep the fun going well into the night by incorporating color into your wedding reception as well. Light up the dancefloor and reception space with beautiful colored neon lights, or venture over to the bar for a signature cocktail that matches your wedding’s color scheme. Colored table cloths, napkins, chair covers, and even dinnerware can all tie your color scheme together. Desserts can also work to your advantage. Decorate your wedding cake with flowers or accents that match your color scheme. If you’d prefer to have a traditional white cake, consider offering colored cupcakes, macaroons, or candy to help tie in the color scheme instead.