Ways to Maintain Your Pipelines Clean

No matter how great your sewerage, drainage or plumbing system is, backup problems are bound to happen at some point. And this might be due to some clogged drain pipes, sewer lines or technical problems. The best news is that drain and sewer clogs and related problems can actually be prevented through proper use as well as regular maintenance of the drains.

Below are some of the best tips for maintaining your pipelines clean and functional:

1. Use Appropriate Drain Cleaners

One of the easiest ways to keep your drains clean is by using a drain cleaner at least once in a month. And even though there are a number of cleaners available on the market today, you should go for enzyme cleaners instead of the chemical-based cleaners. This is because enzyme cleaners are much better for your health, your pipes and the environment than those harsh chemicals that are often used by most of the commercial cleaners.

2. Keep Bushes, Trees, and Other Plants Far from Your Sewer Line

From statistics, trees that are planted close to the sewer lines are one of the most common causes of clogged sewers. The close proximity of such trees will not only make the maintenance of the drains difficult but their roots are also likely to grow right into the pipes. As a result, they might get clogged and even get damaged should the problem go unchecked. You should therefore ensure that there are no trees, bushes or any plants close to your pipelines.

3. Do Not Flush Wipes or Other Hygiene Products Down Your Toilet

When sanitary napkins, wipes and other hygiene products are flushed down the toilet, they are likely to clog the pipes, leading to backup and other serious plumbing problems. And such problems can be extremely difficult and costly to fix. To keep your pipelines clean, you should avoid getting such items into your drainage or sewer system by all means. The only things that should be flushed down your toilet are human waste and toilet paper.


4. Replace the Old Pipes

No matter how good they are, drain pipes particularly clay pipes tend to corrode with time. They might therefore develop holes that could allow soil or other foreign items to sip into your drains, causing blockage. In the same way, waste might also find its way out of the pipes and onto your property, causing hygiene problems. For this reason, if you are in an old home with worn out lead or clay pipes, you should consider replacing them so as to avoid such problems. Red Dog emergency plumbing can come in handy when you want to replace such pipes.

5. Perform Annual Maintenance Rooter Cleaning

Annual rooter cleaning can actually help keep your sewer lines clear of debris or anything that could cause serious clogging problems. Pipeline with control valves supply helps to stop the sewage water flow while cleaning the debris. Even though most people opt for the once per year option, the frequency of your rooter cleaning should be depended on the age of your pipes and the number of clogs you have experienced in the past.




Even though some of these measures are relatively easy and you can actually handle them by yourself, it is always important to involve professional plumbers especially in cases where the situation is serious. These will ensure that your drainage, plumbing or sewerage system is functioning optimally. And Red Dog plumbing is one company that is renowned for providing such services.


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