Ways To Make Your Dog Comfortable During a Road Trip

Ways To Make Your Dog Comfortable During a Road Trip

Road trips are an exciting time for anyone, especially when you’ve been cooped up in your house for so long. But what about your fluffy, floppy-eared best friend? Your dog might want to get out of the house, especially to spend quality time with their favorite person in the whole world—you! Cars can be scary for dogs who aren’t used to car rides, though. So, while the destination may be sound, there are many ways to make your dog comfortable during a road trip that can save your sanity while you travel. Is it alright for  can dogs eat jicama, this would be great to take with you on trips.

Give Them Space

The road is unpredictable and full of scary or interesting sights, sounds, and smells. When your dog gets spooked, that can lead to a dangerous distraction for you as a driver—especially if you’re driving alone. Leave something out in the car that reminds them of the comforts of home, and make sure they have somewhere to nap. A tied-down kennel with a bed inside is safe, but if you want to travel with your dog in the front seat, it may not be the best option for you.

If you do keep them in the front seat, it is safest to buy them a dog seatbelt, so they don’t roam around. In worst-case scenarios, like car crashes, restrained dogs are less likely to run away and put themselves in danger.

Regular Bathroom Breaks

You may have a bladder of steel, but that doesn’t necessarily go the same for your dog. In a car, a dog will likely experience anxiety which may decrease the usual amount of time your dog can go without a bathroom trip. Make regular stops so that you can both get outside and stretch your legs. Remember that, if you need to make a solo trip to the bathroom, then you need to be mindful about leaving your dog in a hot car. Hot cars can be deadly, even with some windows cracked.

Necessary Car Ride Items

Some of the ways to make your dog comfortable during a road trip involve items from home. When taking your dog on any kind of long car ride, make sure they have water available. They might pant a lot, which drains them of water quickly. Take food along as well if you’ll be driving at the same time as their usual dinnertime. Don’t forget materials to quickly clean up any messes if your buddy gets carsick or has an accident. Before you go for a road trip with your dog, make sure you know their limits. If your dog gets motion sickness after 15 minutes of a car ride, there might be a bigger issue with the idea of a road trip.

Train Your Dog!

Dog training can increase the safety of you and your dog in any situation but especially helps with road trips. General dog training and crate training can help with getting the dog in and out of the car along with their behavior during the road trip itself. However, you can also train dogs to like car rides! Just don’t forget the treats.

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