Nowadays, many people travel to various destinations during the holiday season to relax and have fun. But it is when many incidents occur back home. An emergency phone call from your neighbor or police is one of the things that can ruin your holiday fun.

Here are some of the things you might do to ensure your house is safe.

1) Leave some lights on

You can leave security lights and other bulbs on during short trips so that your house can look occupied. But leaving the bulbs on during a long vacation can lead to high electricity bills. The solution is to buy automatic timers that can switch the lights on at night. You might notify a trusted neighbor or a security company so that there is someone to keep an eye on your property.

2) Clean the fridge

Most people unplug their fridges when traveling to prevent high electricity bills. It is a good idea to throw away or give away all perishable foods or beverages. Check the expiration dates of milk, juices and other items before donating them to the needy. Use the right detergent to clean your fridge to prevent stains in the food compartments.

3) Spray for bugs

An unoccupied house attracts bugs. To keep these insects away, spray an appropriate insecticide on corners and other surfaces that usually attract bugs. Empty all trash cans since decomposing food materials attract insects.

4) Tidy the house

Dispose of kitchen waste since it might attract rodents and other pests that can cause contamination. Disinfect your kitchen by cleaning utensils, dishes, stoves, and other surfaces that come in contact with foods. These food safety practices kill harmful germs thus preventing foodborne illness. Clean your carpets and mats to remove stains, soil particles, and other debris. You can hire a professional cleaner that offers one off deep cleaning to do the job. Deep cleaning ensures that every part of your house is clean including tight spaces and other hard to reach areas such as under your sofa.

5) Tackle the laundry

Do any available laundry so that there are no immediate chores when you are back. Clean your closet and then arrange the clean clothes so that you can save time when you want something. You can keep the outfits you need when traveling aside to make packing easier.

6) Hold newspapers and mail

A pile of newspapers indicate that no one is home and thieves might take advantage. Notify the post office and other delivery services about your absence to prevent newspapers and other packages from piling at your doorstep. But if it is a short trip, you can ask your neighbors to collect the newspapers and other packages they see.

7) Ready your pets

If you have some pets, find a pet sitter to take care of your animal when you are away. Ensure that there is enough pet food, medicines, and other supplies. If you can’t get a trusted pet sitter, book a boarding facility on time.

8) Reset the thermostat

If it is a hot season, you might unplug your thermostat to stop wasting energy. However, if it is a cold season, switching off your thermostat can make water freeze in pipes and they might burst. It is recommended that you set the heating system to a safe temperature before traveling.

A successful trip is the one where you return home and find everything is still intact. It is important to prepare your home before traveling to prevent crime, damage of property and other unwanted incidences. This article has covered some steps that you might take before traveling to keep your home safe and secure. Some good ideas include resetting your thermostat, cleaning the fridge, spraying for bugs, tackling laundry, cleaning the house and leaving some lights on.

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