Ways to Protect Your Possessions from Young Children and Pets When in Huntsville

In Huntsville, Alabama, like in many other places surrounding it, there will be young children that have the potential to damage precious items because they are either too young to understand or are yet to develop respect for another’s property. This can be whether they are our children or those of others visiting our home. Pets can be equally destructive.

One of the solutions to the above scenario is to have your most precious items stored elsewhere. We could, for example, find a self storage unit. So, let us consider how they can help as well as think about other approaches that we could use to protect our valuables, many of them perhaps heirlooms, while children are growing up and pets are being trained.

Self Storage Unit

Sometimes the only way to keep your items safe and secure is to keep them away from your home. This protects them from pets and children who are yet to learn the value of items, whether this relates to the cost of replacement or sentimentality.

There is no limit to how many of our items can be accommodated in storage when there are small, medium, and large units to choose from. They can accommodate everything from books to furniture to cars. They can certainly deal with antiques in their climate-controlled environments. These are the kinds of items we will want to protect from children who might damage them. When the items are being passed down through the generations, it is best to not take place until a son or daughter is old enough to respect and value the importance of an item. 

The good thing about self storage is that there will be units local to you for improved access, convenience, and reduced travel expense.


Add some height to where your precious items are stored inside your home. This will place precious items out of reach to young ones. They may still attempt to climb to reach the item, so this must be assessed in terms of how adventurous and curious your child is likely to become in the short term.

Put Delicate Items in a Locked Glass Cabinet

Your more precious items could be put in cupboards behind glass, so that you can still see them but are, at the same time, protecting them from dust and sticky fingers. Some cabinets will even lock for extra security to prevent children from entering them while your back is turned. A corner cabinet is a useful shape to accommodate treasures if you have a spare corner in your home for it. By treasures, we mean items that are of value or inherited. They are treasures to us either way.

Hide Items in Cupboards

Where items are hidden in cupboards, they are essentially unknown about. It does seem a shame not to display them, though, if you have them to hand. This is where the above cabinet would come into its own. Maybe it is for the least displayable items that rekindle memories to go into storage rather than those that look visually pleasing and can be protected from dust and curious hands by being placed behind glass. 

Your delicate glass and ceramic items can be stored in reused tissue paper or packaging to help the environment. This is whether in your cupboard at home or inside a plastic box in your storage unit.

To summarise, protecting precious possessions from your children is no different from protecting them from boisterous pets. It is about preferably keeping them away from your home in a secure storage facility for their long-term protection. Other ways might include creating height between the item and playful hands, considering keeping the possession inside a display cabinet for its protection, or simply hiding items out of sight. 

Whatever method you decide on, it is likely to depend on how many items you have as well as the size of those items. For instance, a large piece of furniture that you are trying to protect is likely to be better in storage. Antique table surfaces can benefit from having clothes covering them but then this can be too thin to offer any real protection. To play safe, it is worth considering self storage options while children are growing up and pets are growing out of their puppy dog ways.

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