A scrapbook of a wedding is different from a photo album of a wedding. I believe a photo album is to showcase the photos taken at the wedding. I believe a scrapbook of the wedding is to share the story of the days/years leading up to the wedding and then share photos of the event itself. -Aside from scrapbooks, wedding photo books are also one creative way to physically store wedding photos. It is now much easier to create a stunning photo book through the help of online tools like Printed Memories.–

There is no right or wrong in creating a scrapbook. It is my goal to provide some thought starters to creating a wedding scrapbook.

I wish we had my grandmothers old pictures of our mom, but we lost them when we couldn't pay the storage. But we do have old pictures of my mom and we are happy.

Consider starting with a few photos of both the bride and the groom as children. Add a few photos of them as teens and then some photos of the couple during the dating process.

During the planning stages, often banquet rooms are looked at, dresses and tuxedos are looked at, and invitations are looked at. Taking a few photos of the various planning days are great additions to the scrapbook. If the bridal shop will allow it, it can be fun to take photos of the bride in each dress she tries on.

Our niece made one of her wedding photos and it came out cute and my sister made them of both her kids

You can take pictures of everything for your wedding to the day you tried on your dress, the rings and all the stages of the big day, plus of all of your quests. These are memory's that last forever. So make them good.

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