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Your wedding day will be one of the greatest days of your life and can be a dream come true. However, while your wedding guests will want to celebrate your day with you, the ceremony may not be the highlight. For many people, a wedding day is about eating great food, especially after they have waited patiently all day through every aspect of the wedding ceremony, from the bridal march to the photographs. Therefore, in all your planning, catering should be an important detail you don’t want to overlook.

Here are common food mistakes at weddings that you need to avoid.

Forgetting about individual food needs

You are guaranteed to have fussy eaters among your guest list, but you don’t want to cater for all of them as you will end up spending way over your budget. However, you do need to accommodate those with food allergies, so find out in advance when you are planning your catering. You should also find out how many people are vegetarian or vegan and have a special menu for them, rather than dumping a plate of vegetables in front of them as a lazy solution.

Spending too much money on the cake

The cake is an essential part of the day, and you want something that looks and tastes good. However, you shouldn’t spend a fortune on the cake when it is only going to be eaten and gone by the end of the day. You are already spending a lot of money with all the other aspects of your day, but there are affordable options. See all Walmart wedding cake info at allcakeprices.com and you may find something great for your table. You could also buy a regular cake from the store and ask a skilled friend or family member to decorate it for you.

Serving messy foods

You can’t guarantee your wedding outfit will stay clean throughout the day, but you can at least reduce the risk by not ordering certain food from the caterer. You will save your guests embarrassment too. So forget about the spaghetti and noodles, especially if they are drenched in sauces. A chocolate fountain will look great on your food table, but as well as being unsanitary, with kids (and adults) poking their fingers in, they are also incredibly messy. There are many great food options for your special day, so try and avoid sloppy disasters.

Don’t rely on your family
There will be people in your family who think their tried and tested recipes will be perfect for your big day. Now, while they could contribute sandwiches and cakes for the wedding table, don’t rely on them for the entire menu. You never know what you are going to end up with, even if your gran does insist her prawn balls will go down a treat. Hiring a wedding caterer will save you a lot of trouble. They are skilled at providing for a large number of people and will have a qualified team to turn your wedding table into a culinary dream.




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