We all surely remember the rollercoaster of emotions that had probably overwhelmed us when we got our first car. We made all sorts of promises to it. Some of them we kept, some we did not and some we could not. Still, the love was real, to where some would have even called it legendary. Then the years go by, and we meet all sorts of different cars. Finally, when you come across a certain car and choose to settle down. However, such a commitment requires an equal and matching gesture. A gesture, if you will, that will show how serious you are, and that this time is not like all the other times. This time it is different, as you will be ceramic coating your car. 

What is Ceramic Coating?

These days, with the help of technology, manufacturers have developed a breakthrough technology that is known as ceramic coating. It is a liquid polymer that you apply to the exterior of your car or chosen vehicle, and it offers great protection against acid rain and sand and many other things. Ceramic coating is not seen as a substitute for Paint Protection Film, and, instead, it is regarded as an alternative for waxing and polishing. 


If you want your car to look its best all the time, but you are tired of waxing or polishing it, ceramic coating might just be what you need. This is especially true for those that are looking for a more permanent solution for the many scratches and stains that have plagued their cars. Here are the benefits of this chemical solution:

  1. Longer-Lasting Coating

For years now, car lovers have scoured the markets for a long-lasting solution that will help salvage the paint of their cars. They have added coatings to their vehicles, which, at best, end up lasting 2-3 years. However, with ceramic coating, you can be reassured in knowing that this chemical polymer will last for much longer, with a longevity of up to 5 years. You will not need to worry about replacing it before these 5 years are up, and some ceramic coatings can sometimes even come with a warranty, which is a testament to how good they are.


Ceramic coating will provide your car with the longest and definitely the most lasting shine out of all the products in the market. However, it does take some time to get applied, with the process involving a thorough and conscientious cleaning of your car.

  1. Protective Coating

Paint can easily be damaged, with several threats lingering over it, as well as looming over it. These threats come in many forms and shapes, which include water, chemicals, scratches and UV Rays. Ceramic coating will have the water fall from the car’s surface without damaging the paint. It will prevent the paint from peeling when chemicals such as bird droppings are deposited on your vehicle. UV Rays will become ineffective in fading the car paint and having your car rust. The ceramic coating wizards at Ultimate Rain Coat explain that coating for your car may also protect the surface of your vehicle against scratches. Even when they do occur, it will allow them to be polished out easily without weakening the coating.


  1. Cleaner Cars

Seeing as how the ceramic coating makes chemicals fall off and protects it from liquids and other types of debris as well, it will keep your car cleaner for longer. This is because dirt will find it difficult to stick when this chemical compound is applied to your vehicle, which will have you visit the car wash less frequently. Also, dirt will come off without much resistance, making the whole car washing experience a whole lot easier to get through. 

  1. Makes the Car Look Better

Your car’s paintwork has never looked as good or shined as bright as it will under a ceramic coating. Your car will look new, and that look will last for longer periods than if you were to not get a ceramic coating. However, in order to get this effect show to its optimum degree, you need to make sure that you go through the process and preparations carefully before applying the coating. Once that is done, your car will look glossy for a long time.

Ceramic coatings do truly work wonders on cars. To have them protect your car alone is enough, and to keep it looking glossy as well is indeed the cherry on top. That said, your car will be untouched by the weather, the UV Rays and even the birds that have it out for you. This worthwhile venture won’t even be affected by scratches. 

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