Ever since we become old enough to do chores around the house, it seems like they never end. It's not like there is only one chore, and every member of the family switches to do it each day. There are so many things to do and so little time.  

You need to wash and dry clothes, cook, wash the dishes, remove the dust off the furniture, vacuum the floors, change the sheets, clean the windows, and buy groceries. That's a hell of a lot for one person. Modern life made it easy for almost all of these chores. Click here to read more. 

Now we have machines that wash and dry our clothes instead of us doing it for a substantial amount of time each week. However, there hasn't been such a breakthrough in the world of ironing. Older irons had a simple design, and they looked almost indistinguishable from the ones we have today. 

They were pieces of iron with a handle, and you used to heat them up and go over your clothes. Still, wrinkle-free fabrics are a must, and there are tons of health benefits that come from doing it. But ironing is super dull. Luckily, there is one thing that might make the activity better, and that's a steam iron.  It is recommended to buy distilled water to use in the iron, to prevent corrosion and prolong its lifespan. 

What's that? 

A steam generator iron is attached to a big water tank that can heat it up pretty fast. As soon as it's reached the perfect temperature, you can press the button, which will let out a burst of steam. That's one of the best ways you clean clothes. It makes it super easy and fast to go over an entire stockpile of your family's laundry. 

What's great about it is that you can glide over multiple clothing layers, and you can do it all at once. This, in of itself, could reduce chore time by an hour or two. Since you can now control heated steam with the press of a button, you can use a little life hack. If you have a big day coming up tomorrow and you need to look sharp, pick the shirt you need to wear and iron it the night before.  

When morning comes, plug the appliance in a socket, wait for it to heat up, and spray some steam on the shirt, blouse, dress, skirt, or jacket. You don't need a board to do this. It will add some moisture to the fabric and make it less susceptible to wrinkles.  

It also removes any creases that could have happened. Another tremendous modern twist is that limescale is completely eliminated. They have auto clean features that remove all sediments and limescale into a different water tank. This makes it extremely easy for you. Just take the container and pour the water into the sink, it's that easy. 

Is it better for the fabrics? 


When you put a heated metal on any type of fabric, it gets damaged. It doesn't matter if it's cotton, wool, polyester, or linen. That causes irreparable damage to any piece of clothing because it crushes the fragile fibers. A steam generator iron, on the other hand, is a marvel of modern engineering.  

Let's say you put a simple cotton shirt on the board. When a modern iron touches the clothing, steam starts to go out from the bottom. There are small holes that are genially placed to ensure the entire area gets moist. Instead of the fabrics touching the metal, there is a small layer of water vapor that protects them.  

This entire process relaxes the threads, refreshes them with a little hydration, and it prolongs their life. This means every new piece you buy will stay in your wardrobe longer. It's essentially saving you money. Follow the link steamcleanermaster.com to find out more. 

What are some other advantages? 

You should note that whenever you plug in an appliance that heats up fast, there is a possibility you might burn yourself. Never touch the metal part with your bare hands when the device is plugged in, or half an hour after you finish the chore.  

You can get seriously burned since our bodies can't handle such a high temperature. Other than that, everything else is pretty much safe as it can be. All of these modern devices have a timer inside of them. If there isn't any movement for ten minutes, they turn off automatically. This is a real lifesaver since many people forget to unplug their irons and wind up doing something else.  

Another advantage is the vertical ironing. When you need to handle large curtains, you won't struggle to try to make them fit on the board. Instead, you can hang them up on the wall, straighten up your steam iron, and press the button. The heated water vapor will handle everything from thereon.  

Are there any disadvantages? 

Of course, nothing could ever be perfect. These devices have only two disadvantages. The first one is that they don't work equally well on all types of fabric. They work best on light threads such as linen or cotton. You can notice that when you move your hand over them, everything is smooth, and the appliance just glides without any setbacks. 

On the other hand, when you try ironing something heavier like wool or a polyester blend, the results won't be the same. You might struggle some more to see the same visual effect, which makes them wrinkle-free. 

The second disadvantage is that you might need to refill them multiple times during a single session. An excellent way to make sure you don't run to a faucet every time the reservoir gets empty is to keep a few water bottles next to you. That way, when the water in the reservoir runs out, you can fill it up in less than a minute. 

To sum up, if you would like to make your life a little bit easier, you might want to invest in getting an ironing appliance that runs on water vapor. It's easier for you, and it's much better for th

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