What Are the Best Associate Degrees in Healthcare These Days?



Is a career in healthcare your dream, but you don’t have the resources to get an advanced degree? Not to worry. There are plenty of great jobs in the medical industry that only require an associate degree.

The great news is, most of these jobs are highly lucrative. Plus, once you gain experience, you’ll be able to move around in the industry and advance your career.

To give you an idea of the opportunities available, we’re going over some of the top associate degrees in healthcare.

Physical Therapist Assistant 

Individuals who sustain injuries or suffer from debilitating illnesses often need physical therapy during recovery. A physical therapist assistant (PTA) works directly with the physical therapist while treating patients.

PTAs work with patients to help them regain the strength and mobility needed to function day-to-day. This involves hands-on treatment and working with specialized equipment.

In addition to completing an associate program, PTAs must become licensed in their state.

Registered Nurse 

This is one of the most sought after positions in the healthcare industry today. Registered nurses are always in high demand.

A registered nurse provides assistance to doctors. The role includes various jobs such as administering medication, aiding in recovery, and much more.

Colleges across the country offer Associate Degree Nurse (AND) programs. Visit local college websites and look for things like “read our student reviews” to see what people have to say about the program.

Medical Assistant 

This is a job that requires well-rounded knowledge of general medicine and great communication skills. Medical assistants often work in private practices and help doctors provide care.

The job involves greeting patients, checking vitals, administering tests, and preparing patients for the doctor. A medical assistant’s work is invaluable to the success of a physician’s practice.

In addition to an associate degree, some offices require a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) certification.  

Radiology Technologist

The use of medical imaging is commonplace during the diagnostic process. A radiology technologist performs things like CT scans, x-rays, and MRIs.

Many radiology technologists go on to work with cancer patients. By catching illnesses early, a patient has a better chance of recovery.

This position requires an associate degree from a program that holds JRCERT accreditation.

Dental Hygienist 

Another sought after position in the healthcare industry is a dental hygienist. These individuals assist dentists and provide a wide range of oral care services.

A dental hygienist performs cleanings, administers fluoride treatments, takes x-rays, and works alongside the dentist. This is a great position for anyone interested in dentistry.

A dental hygienist needs an associate degree and the proper state license.

Consider These Associate Degrees in Healthcare 

Education for a job in the healthcare industry doesn’t have to take the better part of a decade. There are many jobs that only require one to two years of schooling.  

Consider the associate degrees in healthcare discussed above and start working toward a fulfilling medical career.

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