Learning online was once only believed to be used by colleges and trade schools due to the fact that many jobs require a degree. Over the years though, jobs want to know that a person that they’re going to hire is certified and trained proficiently in their field, rather than just holding a piece of paper that shows that they took a course or two in the field. For entrepreneurs and freelancers, digital marketing and sales courses are a must. 

Even if you’re not doing more digital marketing (meaning you hire a digital marketing company or expert to help you achieve good SEO and increase revenue), having the knowledge and training necessary to do the job can greatly benefit you in the long run. We’ve comprised a list of a few of the top courses on Course Minds, since there are so many out there now.


    1. Udemy


Udemy is one of the most popular platforms out there these days. You can find Udemy courses that are taught by professional trainers and other entrepreneurs for a lower price that can save you thousands of dollars. Many of these individuals are licensed and even have a degree in their field, making them just as qualified in their profession as a college professor (there are even a few of those on Udemy as well).


   2. Udacity


The most popular courses out there for Udacity are Web Developers, AI Programming (using Python), and many more. You learn automation algorithms, cryptocurrency and blockchain research and development, as well as business training. These courses can range from about $1,000 – $2,000 for each course. It is a lot more than just a freelance training platform – they offer to help you find work once you complete the training!


   3. General Assembly


General Assembly has locations nationwide, from the East Coast to the West. It also has one of the strongest and most popular digital software engineering and UX courses out there online. Whether you’re attending full-time or self-paced, you can even use student loans and scholarships just like you would a real university.

   4. Springboard



Springboard’s top courses are developed in different “career tracks”. Whether it’s UI/UX Design, Digital Marketing, .or even a Data Science track where aspiring data scientists or actual practicing data scientists can upskill themselves, It’s only $499/mo. Therefore, if you complete all of your courses on a given track sooner than the normal time (if you fast track it with the self-paced courses), then you can actually spend less and still receive the same amount of training that can be achieved in longer periods of having to go through a college.


While there are many courses out there, from training about smartbots, all the way to numerous digital trade skills from companies like LearnKey.com, these top course boot camps can offer the most bang for your buck, and have had proven success over the years since digital marketing is an increasingly desired field. Digital marketing is the primary way people advertise their business outside of local word of mouth these days, so it’s best to be trained the right way!

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