What are Weighted Vests Plus Different Workout Tips


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Weighted vests resemble combat armour and are typically seen on males who make a point of panting loudly enough that the entire gym hears. So, certainly, it's quite tempting to dismiss weight vests as ostentatious excess. Weight vests, on the other hand, can help you become stronger and faster—as long as you utilize them correctly.


Consider weighted vests as an option if you've struggled to switch up the intensity or difficulty of your workouts. They provide diversity to your training and improve its efficiency. Let's have a look at what this tool is and how to make the most of it during a workout.

What are Weighted Vests


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If you're not familiar with this equipment, it's exactly what it sounds like: a weighted vest. It resembles a tactical or fishing vest, with compartments for adding or removing weights as needed. The mass of the vest varies, although it usually ranges from 5.4 to 68 kg.


Weighted vests vary from just strapping a load onto your back by distributing resistance equally throughout your body. These vests could be used with several aerobic exercises, such as jogging and hiking, to intensify the difficulty of bodyweight and resistance activities. These may be used in conjunction with explosive training activities such as vertical jump and reaction training drills.

Benefits of Using a Weighted Vest in your Workouts

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Weight vests are merely another source of resistance. The harder your body needs to work and the more effort the exercise demands, the further you have to push for the movement.

  • Cardiovascular benefits: weighted vest exercise increases runners' blood lactate levels. This implies you can handle higher speeds for longer periods before becoming fatigued.
  • Strength advantages: Weighted vest exercise improves strength as well. Gains in strength development during the weight training and pushups using weighted vests have been seen.
  • Benefits of body mass: weighted vests also helps the body burn fat more rapidly.

Risks Associated With Weighted Vests



Exercising in a weighted vest can be dangerous if you are not prepared for it, do not have the appropriate form locked in, or wear it for an extended period.

  • If you cheat to complete ordinary bodyweight pullups or tend to drop your hips during pushups because you haven't learned the fundamentals, you're practically begging for an injury by applying a load of any kind.
  • Another issue with the increased resistance is as follows: Adding weight throughout a workout geared towards developing speed, explosiveness, or agility can modify your inherent biomechanics by shifting your center of gravity thus creating a new angle of body lean.

How to Exercise in a Weighted Vest




It is critical to adjust the vest for maximum comfort, irrespective of the nature of the vest used. It should give you ample room to breathe and extend your arms. If you're using an adjustable vest, change the load to fit the exercise you're doing. Start with a lighter weight than you believe you need if you're inexperienced with weighted vests. 


Choose workouts that challenge you to move your body across space while working against the load of the vest to receive the most advantages. In addition, as compared to sitting activities, the vest will give the optimum resistance for squats and pullups. Avoid workouts that put more strain on the lumbar region, such as the deadlift.

Exercises to Try Out


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  • Running, Hiking or Jogging: Take four gallons-worth of jugs with water, link a rope through their handles, throw it over your shoulders, and then go for a run. That's the amount of weight you're carrying in a 16-pound vest, and while it's less unwieldy than the jugs, it's still a lot of extra baggage.
  • Climbing Stairs: Few workouts can get your pulse pounding and pulse rate up faster than beginning at the foot of an apartment or residential building stairs and climbing flights. Even without loading the vest, you'll be gasping for air by the third trip. So, take it slowly at first till you're used to it.
  • Pushups: If you've ever attempted pushups while carrying one of those 20kg plates placed on your back, then you understand the difficulty. The vest's brilliance is that it won't fall off and bash your hand.
  • Squats: Traditional squats, a cornerstone of most strength training, become much more difficult with weights on your back. If you've been doing squats with barbells, skip those on the first day with the vest. Instead, concentrate on the form.

How you Make Money Using Weighted Vests

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  • Social Media and commissions: if you put in enough work into getting a good following in the fitness community, you can make extra money off brands that would like their products advertised through such means. For every sale (or whatever parameters you decide on) there should be a commission you get paid.
  • Build a Brand: you will need to put a lot of effort into selling your weighted vests, convincing prospects on business details such as product development, marketing, etc. The fitness industry is big on trade shows, thus it would be wise to showcase at several if not all. Consider contacting a Las Vegas trade show booth builder for more info on the same.

The Bottom Line

Embracing the fitness world will demand a lot from you, be it investing in training equipment, and body care products to keep your body odour under control. Since you might need colognes and perfumes a lot, consider buying perfume boxes wholesale and getting a fill or refill from local perfume dealers near you. Also, you might find flexible food packaging advantageous for your strict diet.


With that said, all the best in your training, and don’t skip leg day!


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