What about the crazy idea of making a fashion statement of your room by changing nothing in your room but windows blinds only? It may seem a crazy idea, but this can happen indeed. You can play with your crazy creative idea while choosing the window blinds and shades for your room. Colour is something that can put you in little confusion, so here we are to help you. We can give you some tips and ideas so that this little confusion may not disturb your creativity and your craziness may go on.

Gone the days when limited variety of window blinds were available in the market. You had to choose the typical material in conventionally styled window blinds. You didn’t have much to choose from. However, the situation is entirely different. Enormous types of materials are available, and variety of styles and colors is never-ending. Amazingly beautiful patterns and textures never let your decision to come out quickly. You can find a good variety online as well as some good online store like storesselectcanada. So, what to choose for your rooms becomes a tricky question.

When choosing a color for your window blinds, you may have different ideas in mind. You might want your window blinds to match with the wall paint. Alternatively, you might be thinking about to match the window blinds color or pattern to match your furniture color or pattern. You there can be another idea as well to keep the window blinds neutral so that you may use these window blind even if you change the room paint or the furniture.

What’s in Fashion & Trend?

There’s no hard and fast rule for choosing a color for your window blinds, and that’s where your creativity comes into play. You can play with any idea in your mind how much ever crazy that idea is. Matching pattern along with color is a good idea, but it may look little over so it’s better to avoid if you can. Alternatively, you can add a little touch to the pattern so that it may look sober, not over.

Best idea is to take a picture of your room and then open it in any picture editor and try different colors for your window blinds. You may get the better idea by doing this trick. It’s a good idea if you set a color palette of 3 and then stick it. If you don’t like the idea of sticking on just three colors, then you can use some bold and dramatic colors for the window blinds to make a strong statement of your room.

Avoid Overdoing

Matching the colors and patterns of window blinds can be a good idea, but it all depends on the color scheme you are following. If your room is decorated with light colors then matching color and pattern can be a good idea because it will give you a smooth feeling.  However, if the theme of the room is already bold enough, then you should either match the color or the pattern. Matching both may give you a little over feeling at first sight.

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