What Cryptocurrency to Invest in?

The market of digital assets offers a large number of crypto assets to invest in. It is possible to get lost, searching for which crypto to buy. People usually strive to buy the most popular crypto coins, but experienced investors recommend diversifying your portfolio. If you buy only mega-cap cryptos, it may happen so that you will wait for years until they bring you real profit. Such coins as Bitcoin and Ethereum are excellent for long-term investments. Middle-cap assets are also worth attention, such as the MATIC coin.

What is MATIC?

MATIC is the governance token on the Polygon platform. It is based on the ERC-20 protocol and serves for transaction commissions in the network. The token holders participate in the Polygon governance. This network is focused on interoperability and provides a high level of safety:

  1. Through MATIC, other blockchains can interact with the Ethereum network
  2. The platform offers low fees
  3. Transactions are speedy
  4. Customized networks can be created.

MATIC is a promising crypto asset. In January 2023, the MATIC USDT was traded at $0.91, but experts believe the asset will reach $3.99 by the end of 2015. Today’s capitalization of MATIC exceeds $7 billion. So if you are thinking about what crypto to buy now, consider this asset. 

How to Buy MATIC on a Crypto Exchange?

If you want to invest in crypto, choose a reliable platform for it. For example, it may be the WhiteBIT crypto exchange – the largest in Europe. The platform has an easy-to-handle interface and a complete set of trading tools. The easiest way to become a crypto owner is to use the crypto converter on WhiteBIT. For that purpose, you need to create an account and verify it if you aim to use cash to buy MATIC. Then, go to the converter and select the currency you want to give and MATIC. Enter the amount and see how many MATIC tokens you can acquire, pay the commission and receive MATIC tokens in your account in a few seconds. 

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