After long weeks, months, or even a year of commitment to various demanding routines, partying can be a great way to unwind. However, what is partying without laughter, socializing, among a plethora of other activities shared with friends to make your party memorable? 


Recently, many people are embracing party buses as a platform for hosting their social events. Party buses provide both a safe and luxurious way of having fun as you en route to your bash location. 


The key factors included in a party bus rental fee include: 

The capacity and style of the bus

Different parties have a varying number of people attending. Depending on the size of your group, there are different sizes of buses you can choose. In terms of capacity, party buses can be categorized into small, medium, and full-sized party buses.


Small buses accommodate up to 30 individuals, medium up to 50, and full-sized up to 60 persons. On a different note, the style includes Ford Transit Vans, Mercedes Benz Sprinters, Limo Buses, and much more. 


The size of the bus you choose for your party crew significantly determines the amount of the fee you are going to incur. 

The time block within which the bus is rented

Time is the most important factor considered by many Party Bus companies is the length of time which the bus will be rented. Most companies require that a coach be hired for a minimum number of hours. The minimum time blocks are charged at a fixed price. Consequently, while renting a party bus, always ascertain the amount of time you will need transport services. 


Note that the bus rental fee may vary depending on the season you rent the bus. For instance, renting a party bus during the festive seasons when availability is low can be slightly costly than compared to hiring during the off-peak seasons. 

Special services

The difference between party buses and other buses is the fun that passengers experience on the way to their destination. Whether you want to have a club on wheels or a low-key experience, you coordinate with your service provider to explore what they have available. 


Some of the most common particular services offered by party bus companies include fully-stocked bars, audio-visual systems, club lighting systems, dance poles, and much more. 


Whereas some amenities are an integral part of the bus rental services, other extra special services are provided at additional costs. For instance, some rental companies offer customers with the opportunity of decorating the bus’ interior based on their tastes and preferences. 

Other additional factors 

Apart from the details mentioned above, party bus rental fee can capture other additional charged such as reservation fee and a ‘thank you’ driver’s stipend. Therefore, to avoid surprises, always inquire with your service provider on whether they have other additional costs not mentioned in their brochure. 


In summa, the three crucial things included in a party bus rental fee include capacity, time, and special services. The vendor should always disclose any other additional charges before committing to contract. 


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