What Does Happy Hump Day Mean and How Hump Day Memes Ruling the Internet



A lot of people have been wondering what “Hump Day” means. It's a day in the middle of the week that is meant to be a little bit more exciting than all other days. It's a day when people get a chance to take a break from work and do something fun. Whether they're dancing, going out for lunch, or spending time with their friends, they're looking forward to it. 


This simple day has become one of the most popular days on Instagram and Twitter because of its interesting caption ideas and hilarious memes.


What is Hump Day


People have been guessing what Hump Day means ever since its origin. Some of the theories that are circulating online are related to the practice of being more adventurous and daring as the day progresses. In the previous days, people might have been lazy and kept to themselves. However, they don't do that during the early part of the week. They're more active and optimistic.


When the day comes, they're going to do a lot of things. They'll go out for dinner with their family, they'll binge-watch TV shows on their laptops, and they'll even go out on dates. At the same time, they're also looking forward to the weekend to have more time to do all those things.


The History of Hump Day


Hump Day has been around since 1970. The phrase comes from a dance style and originated from a dance called cow hop. The term originated from a book of that same name. The term is also associated with various dance videos and has been used to describe the hours leading up to the weekend.


Even though it might look like a catchy phrase, this phrase might be a little difficult to explain. However, people who spend most of their time on social media probably know what this means.


Some theories are saying that the phrase Hump Day has its origins in the famous song “Louie Louie,” written by Richard Berry.


The hashtag #HumpDay is a regular site that has nearly 500,000,000 posts. This hashtag usually follows funny captions as well as “The Meme Factory.” The term is used to describe the day of the week, especially when describing the beginning of the weekend.


How Hump Day Became So Popular 


First of all, why did the phrase “Hump Day” get so popular? Twitter's Kyle Jernigan said that this phrase has become popular because it fits the people who are interested in the professional world, such as doctors, lawyers, and pharmacists.


Hump Day is known for this sweet, yet short, happy feeling. Most people are looking forward to spending time with their friends, getting out of the office, and dancing to their favorite songs. Maybe you have a sweet or adventurous weekend planned, and you're planning to party and just be carefree for a change.


Hump Day is also a popular phrase in the United Kingdom because it fits the people there. Besides that, the phrase fits people who want to look out for things that they can do with their friends.


It's not just because of its charming theme and awesome memes. It's because of all the funny videos, images, and stories that have been shared on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.


For example, the Twitter user @trishla31 created the amazing and weirdly accurate video “If You're Struggling with the Grumpy Glee of Starting Week 4 of Dieting on Monday,” which showed how she got sick of doing all the things that people consider “required” for a diet. 


In a way, it reminded people about the struggle they're going through when they start a new diet on Monday, but can't wait to tell others how amazing their diet is.


It is easy to make someone happy on Instagram and Twitter when you tell them how “grumpy” they're being or how “sad” they are because of some important reason.


Where Do the Memes Come From


While it may be unknown how and why the phrase started, it's known that it's something people have done for a long time.


First, the Hump Day Meme originated in the United States and spread to other countries like Canada, Britain, Australia, and South Africa. In addition, some people have their special renditions of the poem and share them with others.


Why is it Called Hump Day


The term Hump Day started years ago as a word game, and it has become a daily joke that people participate in and make fun of. There are a bunch of different slang terms for Hump Day and many people use Hump Day Memes as a term of endearment.


It might be hard to imagine but the phrase originates from the term “hump day” meaning the day when sperm are released from the testicles and other reproductive organs. This might be another reason why “hump day” was chosen.


However, the first time someone named the day “hump day” might be attributed to a book by science writer Margaret Heffernan titled The Hangover Cure.


How Can You Celebrate Hump Day


The day officially begins on Thursday, the third week of July. According to AOL, Hump Day comes from the Hawaiian island of Kauai. It's a term that was initially used for the amount of time needed for a couple to hit the finish line of a luau before the music starts.


Since “hump day” is a hump in the way, it makes sense that it's shortened into “hump day.” But, the real Hump Day is the day after a Thursday, but before a Friday.


Hump day is a fun and exciting day. It's a day for people who work hard all week long, but don't have much time for themselves. They look forward to “Happy Hump Day.” If you're like them and don't want to go to work, then take a break and have a fun day with your friends and loved ones.


“Happy Hump Day” means it's the last day of the week that's already in your favor because you are going to meet so many of your friends and family members. Plus, you are going to dance and have a great time at one of your favorite restaurants.


Finish your work or whatever is in your schedule and take a break from your daily routines. Enjoy being lazy while spending time with your friends and family.


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