These days, there are plenty of monthly subscriptions out there that people sign up for. You have your razors, survival gear, and even a monthly tackle box. But what makes this really exciting is you may not know what items come inside of these every single month.


We’ll talk more about what a monthly tackle box is and what you’ll find inside of them. It’s always great to be prepared and ready for fishing. You have plenty of gear on hand and you’ll be ready to reel in everything from rainbow trout to smallmouth bass. 


Having a loaded tacklebox with lines, hooks, sinkers, and lures are just about the staples you might need. Let’s dive in and answer this “million dollar question” is and what’s included every single month.

Monthly Tackle Boxes Explained


These tackle boxes originate from online subscription programs such as Mystery Tackle Box. The way it works is that you sign up and you choose the kind of tackle box you want every month. Tackleboxes are sent to you with unique supplies that match the kind of species you are looking to fish.


For example, there are tackleboxes that are custom-tailored to fit your needs when you want to catch smallmouthed bass. So you choose your species, followed by the type of tackle box subscription you want. Every month, you are automatically billed and you receive new gear right on your doorstep. 


The good news is you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time. If you feel like you’re getting too much, then you can choose the latter option until you are able to use up the rest of your equipment. Also, you can set it to where you can get a monthly plan or even package deals like a 3-month, 6-month, even a one-year plan. 

What’s included?


This is where the fun begins. You really don’t know what’s inside (hence the name, Mystery Tackle Box). They may mention the kind of gear that came included in their past shipments. These are just a few things that have been included in the past:




Of course, you can’t go on a fishing trip without lures. Especially in fishing spots where it’s mostly required. Your monthly tackle box will obviously include a wide variety of lures. Flies, “worms”, and all kinds of smaller fish-shaped lures might be found in your tackle box. 




Obviously, you can’t do any fishing without hooks. And you can get some new ones every month. These are usually made from small and large manufacturers. 


Also, they are in great quality as well. In fact, some of these hooks are excellent in quality that even some tournament anglers swear by them. If you want to use some of the gear that the pros trust, hooks and other geat can be found right in your next (and brand new tackle box). 

Expert Content


While not a physical item, there are subscription sites that will give you custom content on fishing for your specific species. This includes some of the best places to fish (even in your favorite spot) that no one really knows about. You’ll be getting more hits than misses in no time once you learn a new thing or two about fishing.

Final Thoughts


If the thrill of mystery excites you, consider the idea of getting a monthly tackle box. You’ll get plenty of gear every month at affordable prices. It’s a lot better than having to purchase it separately (and spending more). 


You might find some of the best stuff inside every month. On top of that, you can also get the best online content with your subscription. With new gear and new ways to fish, you can’t wait until you get back on the water. 

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