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Crystal healing therapy has always been in practice in varying forms. Many people do not believe in the power of the crystal, while others use it to heal depression, anxiety, and many other problems. In the early 17th century, crystals were used for medicinal purposes to heal several ailments. While today it is used for spiritual healing. The nourished energy of these crystals is used in the process of healing. 

Crystal Healing Therapy 

Crystals take hundreds and thousands of years to form under the ground. They are believed to have certain embedded energies during the formation. The types of crystals vary, and they depend on the natural material that helps form them. The healing by crystals is a holistic process; the process taps into the natural energy stored within the crystal. This process is based on the energy cycle; this means that we are all made up of certain energies, and when these energies are out of balance, an illness may appear. Each crystal has a different energy, and being near these crystals can directly impact your own energy. 

How Crystal Healing Therapy Works?

Therapists use different crystals in treating patients. The positioning and the choice of crystals depend on the treatment the client is seeking. When you consult a therapist, he will probably start by asking a few questions, and that will determine what mental space you are in. He will then ask you to lie down, and he will start the treatment by placing crystals on your body. The patient remains fully dressed during the entire process. The patient is asked to close his eyes. The treatment duration may vary from 20 minutes to an hour. The crystals will help balance the energies in the human body. 

The Benefits

  • Relaxes the human body; many people have also sensed tingling sensations when the crystals are placed on their skin. 
  • Improved the general well-being of the patient. It can help with sleeplessness and with patients who have complete insomnia.  
  • Relaxes the tensed muscles in the body. Physical pain can also be relieved through the crystal healing process. 
  • Many patients have also been treated for low self-esteem and negativity issues. 


Crystals at Home

If you truly believe in the energy of crystals and stones, then you can simply use them at your home and elevate the energy of your place. You do not have to get into therapy to get their complete benefits. Some crystals that you can easily get are: 

Raw Cut Crystals: These crystals are roughly cut into different shapes and available in different sizes. Use these to decorate your space. These can be cut, polished as well as unpolished. 

Tumblestones: These are cut, polished, and small in size. These are readily available, often much cheaper than original crystals. 

You can get information about crystal therapy online and through several web portals. It is important to know enough about stones and crystals before you start your therapy. 


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