What is propane? This gas is a common fuel that can be found in many forms. It's so popular that about 60 million Americans rely on it. 

Propane gas is acquired through petroleum and natural gas processing. When natural gas is processed, butane, ethane, and propane need to be removed. These gases can be saved for other uses. Additionally, it is created through petroleum cracking. 

To learn more about why this gas is so important to American society, check out the information below. 

What Is Propane?

This useful gas has been around since the 1800s, but wasn't accessible to the average American until 1910. At that time, Dr. Walter O. Snelling identified propane as a natural component of gasoline and isolated it. Unlike gasoline, he realized how easy it was to store propane. He then developed a company dedicated to producing propane, the American Gasol Co. 

Before Dr. Snelling, propane was too expensive for most consumers to use. After, however, the New York Times reported on this new, affordable, lightweight form of energy. 

Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, the propane market rapidly expanded. By 1945, propane was efficiently bottled and became a common staple in homes and businesses. Its crucial role in American society still hasn't changed.

What Is It Used For?

Propane  was a great discovery when it was found back in the late 1800s. Once researchers figured out how to affordably contain it, it quickly became indispensable to modern living. 

Of course, consumers today have many other forms of energy to choose from. However, many consumers still choose propane, and rely on people like Nelson Propane https://nelsonpropane.com to bring it to their homes as and when they need it. It can be used for appliances, air conditioners, fireplaces, swimming pools, grills, and even industrial equipment. It's not only useful for individuals, but businesses as well.

Propane is valuable to the industrial sector, the agriculture industry, the hospitality industry, and citizens across the nation. Don't forget its important role in leisure time — it makes camping a lot more comfortable.

Why Use Propane?

The benefits of propane generators alone are good enough to convince consumers to use propane. There are also other benefits of using this common gas. 

Some consumers stick with propane because it's a domestic product. In fact, 90% of propane in the United States is produced there. The propane industry creates thousands of jobs stateside, so investing in propane feels like investing in American workers. 

Other consumers choose propane because they want cleaner air. Compared to other types of fuel, propane doesn't contribute as many pollutants or greenhouse gas emissions. 

Still, others choose propane because it’s easy to find and relatively affordable via websites like http://kellypropane.com/ and many more that offer delivery services. Its portable storage makes it easy to ship and have readily available throughout the United States. 

More on Propane and Propane Accessories

What is propane? It's a lot more than just a by-product of natural gas and petroleum collection. It's a versatile source of energy that millions of people rely on. It's an American product that provides Americans with important things like heat and fuel.

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