Why do people wear designer clothes? Why do they want to wear designer shoes? Why do they want designer glasses? Why do they want to wear designer watches? 


There are many other such questions. But, the answer to them is very simple. People want to follow the trend. They want to look chic and classy. They want to stay up to date with fashion. They do not want to be looked down upon. They do not want to be stared at for not wearing a designer item.

The only thing is that people have become more brand conscious. With the commercialism increasing, people want to have things that look trendy and that have a popular brand name on it.

When you go to a party or a social gathering, everyone will notice what you are wearing. Is it Gucci or Armani? The thing is that we all want to catch attraction at every social gathering.

Previously, there were only a few popular brands in the market. They had their own unique or signature styles that they were known for. So, the elite class was the one who used to wear those designer items. It was known to be a status symbol because designer items were so expensive that a normal person could not afford it.

Even today, people use designer items as a symbol of high status or high class. Commercialism has made people so materialistic that they would spend immensely on just a piece of a designer item. On the other hand, they could have bought many things with the same amount of money.

So, have you ever thought what is so special about the designer stuff, especially the designer watches? There are some very famous brand names in the market of wristwatches such as Rolex watch. Ever thought what makes Rolex so special?

Well, believe it, or not designer items do have their own specialty, and they do make you look different. Designer items are not made in bulk. One design has just a few pieces, so it is very much possible that the thing that you are wearing is the only piece of its sort.

Same is the case with the watches. Designer watches are, no doubt, very sophisticated, elegant, and stylish. They are made to precision. Everything in them is so perfect that everyone wants to have one. Many major watch brands have their own specific styles of watches. Some have evolved and brought variety over the passage of time, but some of them have stuck to their one specific design that is their recognition.

Designer watches are very expensive, yet you want to have them. Consider it a one-time investment, but it is worth it. You should own at least one designer watch to wear on special occasions.

They are no doubt expensive, but they give grace and elegance to the person who is wearing it. They are ideal for a gift as well. They do not wear off with time as other non-designer watches do, and they do not lose their grace with time.

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