When you get a baby, so many new skills and habits must be learnt and applied. Those newcomers tend to turn your life upside down and feel free enough to demand a complete change of your up-to-then schedule. While fathers still manage to skip some of the duties that come with a newborn baby, mothers do not have such an option. Babies simply cannot function without mothers and it is an inseparable bond. And if mothers learn how to swaddle their babies properly, the bond becomes even tighter.


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Let's first explain this term. Swaddling basically means wrapping your little child into a protective blanket. ‘Why in the world would I do that?', you might ask. Well, as you might know, a just-born baby has come from a womb. After cozy nine months of being enclosed by a protective environment, getting out can be pretty stressful for those little beings. Although they have their natural instincts and mechanisms for adaptation to our world, they still need a period of transition. In that period, folding blankets or cloths around babies actually simulates the physical comfort they experienced when they were back there in the uterus.

Also, infants are still not aware of the existence of esthetics and beauty, so they are inclined to mercilessly scratch their soft skin if their hands are let loose. Wrapping babies also prevents them from doing that, as well. In this tutorial made by Mayo Clinic, you can learn how to make your baby feel comfortable and safe in the wrapping.


Emotional benefits


It is true that parents are required to adapt to the product(s) of their love, but you should never think that your infants just pop out and have a wonderful time. First of all, the change of the surroundings is a pretty shocking shift for every baby. So, swaddling has a soothing effect on infants, especially when they sleep. Many parents have troubles with their babies' sleeping habits. However, if a baby is surrounded by a soft and gentle blanket while you are trying to make he/she sleep, the whole procedure will be much more successful. Baby swaddles are proved to be very useful means when it comes to establishing infants' sleeping habits. At night, they should be wrapped tightly, so that they can feel that they are taken care of. However, at daytime the blanket should be let loose, to that the baby does not develop a drive for constant sleeping.


Blankets make a difference


When you want to choose a blanket for swaddling your infant, you should not be in two minds. Many tests have been done and it has been proven that babies react best to cotton blankets. Muslin, as a variation of cotton, can also be a very calming material for your baby. What you should not use for wrapping your baby are artificial materials, such as elastin. On the other hand, a cotton blanket can be assisted by an additional cover made of natural wool, in case your baby sleeps in a cool room. In addition, the process of swaddling does not end if you only buy the right blanket.


Every parent has to learn how to make their babies develop into emotionally and physically healthy adults. The first couple of years are crucial on that road to success. If you keep your baby safe and guarded, they will not lack in care and patience. Those two feelings emitted towards an infant create a firm ground for a normal emotional development. Also, swaddling will keep your baby from physical traumas, as well. So, feel free to swaddle it and nurture a spick-and-span baby.

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