What is the 222 rules in a relationship? – how does it work

There are 10 relationship rules and these rules should be kept in mind at all times when you're with your significant other. If you don't take these relationship rules into consideration, it will ultimately lead to breaking up.

1. Never leave the toilet seat up.

Never leave the toilet seat up is a rule that is all too often broken in relationships. It may seem like a small thing, but it actually has a huge impact on your partner's feelings of trust, security, and love for you.

If you're guilty of leaving the toilet seat up, consider this: Your partner expects you to respect their privacy and their right to use the bathroom without being exposed to germs or bacteria. When you don't do this simple task, they feel as though they cannot trust you with even the most basic parts of their lives.

They also feel insecure because they know that when they are vulnerable in such a way (using the bathroom), they could be susceptible to attack by any unsavory characters who might happen upon them while they are indisposed. This feeling of insecurity can lead them to question whether or not they should stay with someone who would so easily violate their basic rights as a person.

2. Never say you're going to do something and not do it.

This rule should be applied to every area of life, but it's especially important in your relationship. If you have a partner and you say you're going to do something, they need to know that they can count on you.

You might think that this is obvious, but there are many people out there who don't follow through with what they say they'll do. This can be frustrating for your partner, who will start to wonder if they can trust your word or if they should just expect that whatever promise you made won't be kept.

If this happens often enough, your partner may feel like they have no control over their own lives because they're always waiting around for someone else to make things happen. This can cause them to lose confidence in themselves and their ability to manage their own affairs.

3. Never take your partner for granted.

It's easy to fall into a routine in a relationship, and that can lead to you taking each other for granted. If you do it for too long, you'll start to feel like your partner is just another piece of furniture in your home—something that's there without any real meaning or significance. But if you're not careful, you could end up losing the love and happiness that brought you together in the first place.

You need to make an effort every day to show your partner how much they mean to you by doing something special for them or showing them affection in little ways throughout the day. It could be anything from buying them a cupcake at work on their birthday or sending flowers as a surprise after work one night when they get home late from work.

4. Never bring up the past unless it's important or relevant to the present moment.

This is one of the most important rules in a relationship, and it can be difficult to follow. We all have past experiences that we'd like to share with our partner, but sometimes we think they're unimportant or we don't want to bother them with our stories. But if you're going to tell your partner something about yourself, make sure it's worth their time.

If you do decide that it's okay to talk about something from your past, remember that some things will upset them and some things won't. If there was an argument between you and your partner five years ago which is still bothering one of them today, it may be better not to bring it up at all until later on down the road when maybe they'll feel more relaxed and comfortable with talking about how they felt during that argument rather than just hearing about it as if nothing happened between now and then at all (which is what could happen if you bring up something from long ago before either one of you are ready).

5. Never be afraid to show affection in public, even if it makes you feel awkward or strange at first!

If you feel comfortable showing affection in front of your friends and family, then there is no reason why you should not do it in front of strangers as well.

People are often uncomfortable with the idea of showing affection in public because they worry about what others will think of them. However, this kind of behavior is something that everyone does naturally and it does not mean that you are doing anything wrong.

It is important to learn how to express your love for someone else without being afraid of what other people will think about you. You should never let anyone else dictate how much affection you show towards your significant other as long as both of you are comfortable with it.

6. Always give your partner space when they need it

When you're in a relationship, it can be easy to forget that your partner is an independent human being with their own thoughts and emotions. But the truth is, every person has their own needs and wants, and sometimes those things don't align with yours. If you want to have a healthy relationship, one of the most important things you can do is to give your partner space when they need it.

How do you know when they need space? It's simple: just ask! If you're worried that something might be bothering them or making them upset, ask them if everything's okay. If they say no, then listen—really listen—and try not to jump to conclusions or make assumptions about what's going on with them.

In some cases, giving your partner space may mean setting boundaries around what time of day you talk or spend time together so that everyone gets enough time in their own headspace. In other cases, giving your partner space may mean stepping back from trying to help them solve a problem or fix something for them because it's important for both parties in a relationship to feel like they can make their own decisions without needing guidance from someone else.

7. Never go to sleep angry at each other

When you get into an argument with your partner, it's easy to let things get out of hand and explode. The last thing you want to do is go to bed angry at them. You might even end up sleeping on the couch because you don't want them near you, but that's not going to solve anything. You need to talk about how you're feeling and what happened in order for both of you to move forward from this.

You may think that it's best for both of you if one of you goes home and sleeps alone, but this will only make the situation worse. When people are angry, they tend not to think rationally or clearly. Therefore, they might say things that they don't mean or regret later down the road when they have time to calm down and reflect on what was said during the argument.

8. Don't ever let anyone else come between what makes your relationship great 

Relationships can be hard, and if you're struggling in yours, you might be tempted to turn to someone else for help. It's not a bad impulse, but it's not always the right one. The truth is that there are going to be times when your partner isn't able to give you everything you need—and that's okay! You are not your partner's responsibility, and they are not yours either—you're both responsible for yourselves.

So when things get tough, don't try to outsource your happiness. Instead, dig deep within yourself and figure out how YOU can feel better. And then do it! It may seem scary at first, but if you can learn how to take care of yourself independently of your partner, then when things are good again (and they will be!) you'll have a strong foundation from which to build an even stronger relationship than before.

9. You have to be able to trust each other

Trust is important in a relationship, but it can be hard to build in the beginning. To build trust in your relationship, you need to be willing to communicate openly and honestly with each other. This will help you learn more about each other's needs and wants, so that you can better meet them. 

You should also make sure that you are both working towards the same goals together, so that it doesn't feel like one person is always taking care of everything while the other person doesn't do anything.

If you can't trust someone, then there's no point in continuing on with any kind of relationship with them because there will always be doubts about whether or not they're telling the truth or doing what they say they'll do when asked for help or advice about something important like finances or family issues; these kinds of things are very important in today's world because there are so many different ways people can scam others out of money just by lying about who they really are online or over phone calls/video chats without ever having met them before!

10. You can't keep secrets from each other

Keeping secrets is a surefire way to make your relationship crumble. It's okay to not tell your partner everything, but if you're keeping secrets from them, they can feel like they don't know you at all. They might think that there's something big going on in your life that's causing you to lie or hide things, which will only make them feel more disconnected from you.

It's important to be honest with each other about things that might cause conflict or hurt feelings—even if it's something small! If you're hiding something from each other, it could eventually come out and cause even bigger issues in your relationship later on.

Being in a relationship is hard and it's glorious. Love is fulfilling, joyful, and frustrating. The times of joy vastly outweigh the times of frustration but there are always things that we can learn from our relationships. Especially from a healthy long-term relationship and even more so if the couple is long-distance. If a relationship is worth the work, it's worth learning the rules and putting in the time to make it work.

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