Gone are the days when you would have to choose from plain and dull auto upholstery for sprucing up the interiors of your car! Now you get to take your pick from a wide range of fabrics and customize the “inside look” as per your preferences.


Here are some of the popular fabrics used in vehicle interiors nowadays:




It is an extremely durable and hard-wearing material available in several shades and designs. For example, you can try a single color style or go for a patterned one – whatever you feel suits the interiors. The fabric is weaved, which make it difficult to tear off and is stain resistant as well. Moreover, nylon is quite reasonably priced, so it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. A variety of this fabric known as brushed nylon is commonly used as interior seat covers or door trim. By nature it is a thick fabric, but the thickness is reduced when utilized in cars. Overall, it is a strong and durable material that is easy to stitch and seams well.


Leather – Real and Faux


If you are willing to splurge slightly more, nothing speaks class and elegance like plush leather. It not only matches all types of interiors, but is durable and available in different colors and patterns. You can also choose the softness of leather accordingly. Faux leather is a practical and more affordable option – it is inexpensive and can be fashioned in any form such as crocodile prints or dinosaur motifs. It is durable and easy to clean as spills can be washed off without trouble.

Vinyl – Real and Faux

It doesn’t really fall under the category of fabrics as it is manufactured with petroleum, natural gas and salt. However, it is hard-wearing, durable, easy to maintain and isn’t affected due to spills – these characteristics make it a frequent choice for upholstering the interiors of vehicles. It can be purchased in numerous colors and in transparent form as well. Faux vinyl is manufactured so it can mimic features of other materials like leather or suede. It is cheap but extremely sturdy in nature.

The cloth-based suede material was quite popular, but it is prone to staining and not too durable, which is why it is not used much. It is necessary to select the fabric after careful contemplation because revamping interiors will cost you – it means you absolutely need to get true value for money.

 When you are buying a new car what are you looking for? My first car was a Buick Regal, and it was fabric upholstery. and so hard to keep clean with the friends I had.

Whatever your style is, the choices are always yours.

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