What Not To Do When Traveling Abroad

The world is full of interesting cultures, and traveling is a great way to learn about them and see places you may only have heard of before. But when you’re abroad, it can be easy to forget that you are not in your home country and that things are done differently than where you live. 

For example, one of my most embarrassing travel moments was when I ordered a double espresso while in Italy, which was not only frowned upon but also a bit of an insult to the barista who made it. In other words, what might be normal behavior in your home country could be considered rude or even offensive somewhere else.


Here are 10 things you should never do while abroad:


Don’t be loud and obnoxious 


No matter where you go, it’s almost always bad manners to be loud and obnoxious in public. The same goes for abroad. Not only will locals find this offensive but so will other travelers who don’t appreciate having their trip ruined by inconsiderate people being loud and rowdy on public transportation or at hotels or restaurants.


Don’t stick to the tourist spots


One of the biggest mistakes that first-time international travelers make is sticking to the tourist areas. While they offer lots of great restaurants and shops, they are also extremely overpriced and crowded. Instead, you should always look beyond the obvious. Venture into a more local neighborhood and you’ll find a better vibe, real people, and real prices.


Don't take more than one carry-on bag with you on the plane. 


Airline rules allow for a certain size of carry-on luggage, but that doesn't mean that you should try to cram everything into one bag. If you forget something or your bag gets lost, it could cost you a lot of money to replace what is in your luggage.


Don't leave your valuables at home when traveling


You may be tempted to leave some things behind, but taking them with you will ensure that they don't get stolen or lost on your trip. Even if you think that nothing will happen, it's better to be safe than sorry!


Do not get lost and try to avoid being stuck in the middle of nowhere.


 When traveling, do not get lost and try to avoid being stuck in the middle of nowhere. It is important to plan ahead and have a map with you when traveling. If you do not have a map, use Google Maps or another GPS app on your smartphone to help guide you along the way.


Do not forget to pack a power strip. 


If you are traveling internationally, do not forget to pack a power strip. There are so many plugs in different shapes that it is easy to forget one of them. Packing a power strip will ensure that you can plug in all of your electronics and charge them at once, no matter where in the world you are.


Do not get caught up with social media. 


Do not get caught up with social media while traveling, especially when it comes to posting about your adventures online. This can lead to problems such as identity theft or even worse, someone recognizing you from your post on Facebook.


Do not get into a taxi by yourself and tell the driver where to go


If you don’t know your destination, chances are the taxi driver will take advantage of you and take you somewhere else. Do your research on how to get back to your hostel or hotel before you leave, or ask a friend to come with you.


Do not get into a cab at a cab stand in front of the airport.


These cabs have been known to be overpriced and have high insurance fees tacked onto them. If possible, always try to find a metered cab instead or one that is recommended by your hotel or hostel.


Try to be a hero


There is nothing wrong with being adventurous during travels, but it is very important not to overdo it. This is because trying to be a hero puts your life in danger. For example, you may have heard about someone going for a swim in deep waters and drowning or taking a dangerous hike and getting lost in the jungle.

 Say “yes” to everything


Being friendly is important when traveling but being too friendly can ruin your trip. Saying yes to everything could make people take advantage of you and make them think that you are an easy target for robbery or other crimes.


Visit dangerous places without enough information


The world has lots of amazing places and attractions, but there are some countries where security is low and crime levels high. Therefore, if you want to avoid falling victim to robbery or kidnapping, it would be best if you did more research before visiting such places. Travel blogs are also vital because they contain useful information about hotel deals, local laws and scams.


Don’t take advantages of free food and drinks at the airport:


It is a very common mistake that people make while traveling. They tend to eat more than they need because it is free and they feel like they are on vacation. It is always better to have your own snacks that you can carry with you instead of eating everything for free at the airport.


 Don’t get confused between time zone:


It may happen that your brain gets too excited and you forget to change your watch according to the time zone of that place where you are traveling. So it is always better to keep an eye on your watch so that you don’t miss any appointments or catch flights or trains on time.


Don't exchange currency at the airport


You already know that getting foreign currency at an airport exchange booth is a bad idea because they offer such poor exchange rates.


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